Shelly's Holiday Gift Guide

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Shelly's Holiday Gift Guide

Ok y’all, I decided to do everyone a favor and give you the run down on the Feetures you HAVE to get for your friends and family this holiday season. As someone who works for the company, I know there are so many great socks to choose from and it can be overwhelming to pick the perfect pair for your loved ones… So, check out below. I’ve highlighted our popular styles for guys and girls and threw in my favorites...This list is really helpful, I took a lot of time developing it, so you better pay attention!

1. Elite Light Cushion Mini Crew | Cascade Black, $17.99 - Mini Crew socks are perfect for trail runner’s, CrossFit enthusiasts or just anyone who wants to add a little flare to their fitness wardrobe. Available in 5 cool patterns.

2. Merino 10 Cushion Quarter | Gray, $17.99 - This versatile sock is our new take on merino. I have to say, it's our most comfortable blend. Guys can run, work or play in these. Try the Crew style if it's more specifically for boot wear.

3. Men's Uptown Ultra Light Crew | Navy, $19.99 - This is a fashion-forward Everyday style for men to wear to work or for casual purposes. They won't stop talking about these for sure.

4. Women's Sunburst Ultra Light Crew | Black, $19.99 - Does your wife/daughter/favorite gal have a sock drawer full of Feetures Socks? Our Women’s Crew socks have everything she loves about Feetures now made for everyday.

5. Elite Max Cushion No Show Tab | Emerald, $15.99 - Max Cushion socks will keep her feet comfy on long runs or romantic walks. This is our most popular cushioned sock for women. It's a no-brainer for the ladies.

6. Merino 10 Cushion Crew | Charcoal, $21.99 - My go-to sock to wear with boots or curling up by the fire. This will be sure to earn you some points.

7. Therapeutic Cushion Crew | White, $15.99 - This sock is designed for active diabetics, but its a great sock for your grandparents or anyone who doesn't like as much compression.

8. PF Relief Light Cushion Quarter | Black, $29.99 - The miracle sock, literally. People with foot pain NEED a pair, so do them a favor and buy these for them. Immediately.

One of my favorite things to share with people about Feetures, is that we have a Lifetime Guarantee. That's right, these socks are guaranteed to last and if they don't we will send you a brand new pair. So, you are really giving the gift of a lifetime. Happy Holidays. You're welcome. :)

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  • Best socks I’ve ever owned. I have 10 pair of the no show that I wear all 4 seasons. I also have a pair of the merino wool 10 cushion crew for real cold weather. After 5 years they are getting thin on my heels but I still wear them.

    Mark Pauley on

  • I LOVE my socks. Light cushion no show, bought all of the seniors on the cross country team a pair. I’ve had 2 pairs and wear one or the other to practice every day, they do not quit like my old socks have. I even wear them around the house after practice, no holes, no sign of wear. Best. Socks. Ever.

    P Drexler on

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