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Men's Golf

A runners secret weapon, now on the golf course.

There's a reason why Feetures are the sock of choice for elite runners all over the world - they keep their feet comfortable and blister-free while pushing themselves to the max. Now the benefits from the trail can be felt on the course. Feetures Elite Golf sock gives golfers their own secret weapon: a sock that keeps them cool, dry and stays up every step of the way.

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Men’s Golf Socks

There’s no feeling like stepping out onto a dewy green on a crisp spring morning. You’ve got a new set of irons, quality gloves, and your cart ready to go, but you probably know better than anyone the importance of also taking care of your feet. With our premium line of men’s golf socks, you’ll feel like you’re floating on air (did someone say birdie?) while traversing from hole to hole. Our Elite Golf Max collection guarantees cool, dry comfort that will always stay in place while you play. 

Elite Golf Max

Our Elite line was engineered to be the best performance sock on the planet. Advanced iWick fiber technology keeps feet dry far longer than any competitor, and the superior craftmanship ensures a consistently snug fit. The Elite series boasts the added innovation of anatomical design, meaning each sock conforms to each foot (we know, it’s pretty cool). Through targeted and zone-specific compression, these socks will conform to meet the unique needs of your right and your left foot.  

Sizing Guide

Feetures® premium socks are engineered to provide a custom fit unlike any on the market. Designed to conform to your anatomical specifications, our socks fit snugly to prevent bunching and reduce the risk of blisters. Our detailed sizing chart will assist in determining your optimal size. We generally recommend going up a size if you are between sizes to ensure maximum comfort. Please contact our team with any questions—we are happy to provide additional information in order to guarantee the perfect Feetures® fit.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Men’s Golfing Socks

Our mission has always been to engineer socks that will make you feel your best, whatever activity you may be embarking on. We operate on the fact that performance is directly impacted by how well you treat your feet, which is why we’ve compiled some common questions we receive about the importance of high-quality men’s golf socks.

What makes men’s golfing socks unique?

There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing golf socks that can up your game. For instance:

Material: Your socks’ fabric plays an integral role in your comfort, especially with all of the walking you’ll be doing. Our premium iWick technology will ensure that the moisture your feet produce will be swiftly ushered away from your feet, keeping them dry and comfortable for all eighteen holes. 

Blister protection: Maximum cushion and blister protection is a must when you’re on your feet for the duration of your game. Our golf line sports maximum cushion and innovative drying capabilities to ensure your feet are cool, comfy, and blister-free. 

Fashion: Unlike other sports, golf has its own inherent essence of style. Our golf line doesn’t draw the line at functionality, rather it embraces a little flair. While our line of Elite Golf Max socks aren’t over the top, they do give you some colorful pairing options to keep your fashion in line with your game. 

How do your golf socks differ from others on the market?

We get pretty excited when we get the chance to talk shop about our innovative sock technology. In order to create the best-performing socks on the market, we utilize anatomical design, iWick fiber technology, seamless toes, and zone-specific targeted compression. When these powerful Feetures combine (see what we did there?) you have a sock that boasts durability and quality like nothing else on the market. You don’t have to take our word for it, our glowing reviews and lifelong customers speak for themselves!  

Is moisture-wicking technology really that important for golfers?

100%. With the amount of walking you’ll be doing, it’s important to keep that moisture from accumulating on your feet in order to prevent blistering. Our moisture-wicking Elite Golf Max line will guarantee that the 60,000 sweat glands (more than any other area on your body) don’t interfere with your comfort on the green.