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Lifetime Guarantee


Engineered to be ignored so you can just move. 

Our socks are designed to be long lasting with a custom-like fit to enable easy movement with fewer blisters, less sock slippage, and a greater degree of comfort. Having an issue within 30 days of your purchase? You may be looking for our Returns Page.


What does Lifetime Guarantee Mean?

While we offer 30 days to return your original order, we know our socks should last well past that! That is why we are happy to provide a Lifetime Guarantee on all our socks.

If at any time you are unsatisfied with our socks, we want you to let us know. Having a quality issue, not quite the right fit, or did our product fail to live up to your standards?  We’ll get those replaced for you right away.  Here are some examples of what our Lifetime Guarantee covers:

  • Holes
  • Material thinning
  • Stretching or shrinkage

We’ve designed our Lifetime Guarantee process to be as easy as possible so that you can receive the socks that meet your needs and get back to doing the activities that keep you moving. 

What does Lifetime Guarantee Not Mean? 

We know Lifetime Guarantee sounds too good to be true, but we guarantee our quality and our socks.  Whether you’re running the Hardrock 100 or running after your toddler, we cover it. But, if you leave them on the course or your toddler hides them under the couch, we can’t take responsibility for that. Here are a few other examples of what it doesn’t cover:

Socks subbing for a Pet Chew Toy

While saying the dog ate your homework was always worth a shot in school, this unfortunately not covered by our Lifetime Guarantee.

Lost in the laundry

While we encourage you to take that up with your dryer (we all know how they love to eat socks), this is not something covered by our Lifetime Guarantee. We do recommend washing your socks in a mesh laundry bag so they don’t escape. 

Left behind at a race

We know it feels great to take your shoes and socks off after a long hard race, but protect your favorite pairs at all cost. This is not something covered by our Lifetime Guarantee. 

Thrown Away

Did your favorite socks get a hole? Make sure you take a picture before tossing them! We will need a photo to be able to get you a new pair, so if you throw them away, they will not be covered by our Lifetime Guarantee.

What happens to the socks? 

We value sustainability and believe there’s few things more sustainable than creating products that are built to last. In the rare instance a pair of Feetures doesn’t live up to your expectations, we send all used or damage products to be recycled and transformed into new products.

Submitting your Lifetime Warranty Claim is easy:

Step 1: Click on the Lifetime warranty claim link: https://feetures.returnlogic.com/warranty/info

Step 2: Complete the online warranty claim form:

  • Enter contact information
  • Enter purchase date and location (can be estimated)
  • Select the product(s) from our online catalog that need to be replaced. Don’t know which product you have, no problem, just click on the “can’t find your product” link
  • Select the reason for needing a replacement
  • Upload a photo of each pair needing to be replaced
  • Submit the Lifetime Warranty claim form

Step 3: Once the Lifetime Warranty claim is approved, you will receive an email with your RMA number and instructions on where to ship the pair(s) being claimed for warranty.

Step 4: Send back the socks that have been claimed. Please include clean socks and a copy of your RMA confirmation (return confirmation email with your return number: RL******). Please note that the customer is responsible for paying shipping to return the pair(s) .

Step 5: Once your package is received and products are verified, a gift card code will be sent via email, along with a free shipping code.

Step 6: Shop on feetures.com for your brand-new pair of feetures. Make sure to add your gift card code into the gift card box during checkout, along with the free ship code (if applicable)

*Please note that state and local sales tax rates apply
*Please note that the gift card is only valid on www.feetures.com

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International Warranty Issues

We are unable to process International Returns or Warranty issues

For issues with product purchased outside the US, please contact the Feetures distributor in your country. Find your local distributor here. Search for the country of purchase and contact them via email or phone. Questions? Please reach out via email to [email protected].