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Men's Crew Socks

Feel great and look great with our men's dress socks and men's crew socks! They'll help you feel confident in any professional setting. Buy yours today!

Men's Crew Socks
  • S Shoe size 4-6.5 Shoe size Y1-Y5
  • M Shoe size 7-9.5 Shoe size 6-8.5 Shoe size Y5+
  • L Shoe size 10-13 Shoe size 9-12
  • XL Shoe size 12.5-15.5
Sock Height
  • Invisible Sock Height Icon Invisible
  • No Show Tab Sock Height Icon No Show Tab
  • Quarter Sock Height Icon Quarter
  • Mini Crew Sock Height Icon Mini Crew
  • Crew Sock Height Icon Crew
  • Knee High Sock Height Icon Knee High
  • Ultra Light
  • Light
  • Max Cushion
  • Black Black
  • Brown Brown
  • Tan Tan
  • Gray Gray
  • Pink Pink
  • Red Red
  • Yellow Yellow
  • Blue Blue
  • Green Green
  • Purple Purple
  • Orange Orange
  • White White
  • Elite
  • High Performance
  • Merino10
  • Plantar Fasciitis Relief
  • Therapeutic
  • Graduated Compression
  • Everyday
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Men’s Crew Socks

Whether you need new socks to improve circulation, provide pain relief, or boost arch support on your daily run, Feetures® has what you’re looking for. We engineer the world’s best crew socks for men with your style and comfort in mind. Whether you hide them under your pant legs or show them off while wearing shorts, you’ll feel your socks hard at work, keeping your feet dry while compressing your calf just the right amount.

High Performance Crew Socks

Our High Performance crew socks are more comfortable than conventional crew socks thanks to their seamless toe and snug fit. Power bands of Lycra hug the arch of your foot for maximum support, and high-density cushioning protects your feet during high-impact activities. Then, moisture-wicking fibers and mesh construction on top of the sock help keep your feet cool and dry.

Merino 10 Crew Socks

If cold-weather workouts have your toes turning blue, try our revolutionary Merino 10 crew socks. Merino wool insulates even when wet, keeping your feet warm in damp conditions. The uniquely spun blend of Merino wool and TENCEL fibers result in a comfier, stretchier, drier, and more durable sock than ever before.

Plantar Fasciitis Relief Crew Socks

With Feetures®, treating plantar fasciitis and wearing stylish socks can go hand in hand. Our plantar fasciitis relief crew socks are engineered to lift and stretch the plantar fascia by applying intense compression in targeted zones. This design helps you get back on track without a hitch. Available with light and ultra-light cushioning.

Therapeutic Crew Socks

If you are an active diabetic or have other special foot care needs, treat yourself to the seamless toe and non-binding top of our therapeutic crew socks. High-density cushioning provides maximum protection, while added arch support prevents the material from bunching up inside your shoe. These characteristics ensure unsurpassed support for the people who need it most.

Graduated Compression Crew Socks

Whether you’re an avid runner or love pumping iron at the gym, good circulation is everything. That’s why we engineered our compression crew socks to provide the snuggest fit at the ankle and gradually lessen toward the top. Graduated compression boosts blood flow and prevents tired, achy muscles while you work out. 

Everyday Crew Socks

Our everyday crew socks are designed for business and dress wear, with the thinnest cushion option for a light, cool feeling throughout the day. Opt for black or choose a pattern that showcases your style.

Crew Socks Sizing Guide

Feetures® premium socks are engineered to provide a custom fit unlike any on the market. Designed to conform to your anatomical specifications, our socks fit snugly to prevent bunching and reduce the risk of blisters. Our detailed sizing chart will assist in determining your optimal size. We generally recommend going up a size if you are between sizes to ensure maximum comfort. Please contact our team with any questions — we are happy to provide additional information to ensure the perfect Feetures® fit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Men’s Dress and Casual Crew Socks

We want your feet to feel their best, no matter your preferred physical activity. So, we’ve compiled some common questions about our much-loved Men’s Dress and Casual Crew Socks Collection.

How long do Feetures® crew socks last?

As with all our product lines, crew socks come with a lifetime guarantee. If your crew socks wear out or you are unsatisfied for any reason, we will replace them for free — no questions asked. To help extend their life span, we recommend washing your socks inside-out in cold water and hanging them to dry.

Are crew socks dress socks?

Crew socks are cut to land between the ankle and mid-calf. This is the most popular length for dress socks, but you can also find crew socks in casual, athletic, or therapeutic styles, depending on your needs.

Can I wear crew socks with shorts?

Some people say you should only wear no-show socks with shorts, but we say yes to crew socks and shorts. The classic crew length is perfect for making a fashion statement with the least amount of risk.