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Experience no-slip confidence in low-rise shoes with the best no show socks for men. Shop today for no show socks that don’t slip, no matter where your feet take you.

Men's Invisible Socks
  • S Shoe size 4-6.5 Shoe size Y1-Y5
  • M Shoe size 7-9.5 Shoe size 6-8.5 Shoe size Y5+
  • L Shoe size 10-13 Shoe size 9-12
  • XL Shoe size 12.5-15.5
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  • Invisible Sock Height Icon Invisible
  • No Show Tab Sock Height Icon No Show Tab
  • Quarter Sock Height Icon Quarter
  • Mini Crew Sock Height Icon Mini Crew
  • Crew Sock Height Icon Crew
  • Knee High Sock Height Icon Knee High
  • Ultra Light
  • Light
  • Max Cushion
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  • Brown Brown
  • Tan Tan
  • Gray Gray
  • Pink Pink
  • Red Red
  • Yellow Yellow
  • Blue Blue
  • Green Green
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  • White White
  • Elite
  • High Performance
  • Merino10
  • Plantar Fasciitis Relief
  • Therapeutic
  • Graduated Compression
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Men’s No Show Socks Bring Athletic Performance Technology into Everyday Life

At Feetures, we believe your feet deserve the best, wherever life takes you. That’s why we’ve designed the best no show socks for men with advanced performance technology to support your every movement. Whether you shop the everyday collection or our elite socks, you’ll instantly feel the difference in a pair of invisible no show socks that don’t slip.


Targeted Compression for Ultimate Comfort

Feetures invisible no show socks for men are perfect for the guy who doesn’t want to show off his socks but still wants foot support and warmth. Designed with targeted compression in critical areas and zero-slip technology, our invisible no show men's socks keep your feet feeling their best all day long. 


Anatomical Design for a Custom-Like Fit

The last thing you want is for your socks to become a distraction while trying to get work done. That’s what makes Feetures men’s no show socks so unique. The anatomical design ensures the socks fit snugly around your foot, providing a custom-like fit. The fabric stretches and moves with your feet as you move from work to play, allowing you to stay comfortable all day long in men’s no show socks that don’t slip.


Heel-Hugging Technology for No-Slip Confidence

Our unique Heel-Hugging 2.0 technology ensures your men’s no show socks stay in place throughout your day–no more slipping off or bunching up, making them ideal men's running socks. We’ve engineered our Elite Invisible no show socks that don’t slip to make every run more comfortable. This is the first invisible running sock on the market, and it features the maximum amount of technology in the minimum amount of sock. Not only does this technology provide no-slip confidence, but it helps improve the performance of your shoes. With a better grip on your heel, the outsole is less likely to come apart due to uneven wear and tear. 


Ultra-Light Cushion for Unrivaled Breathability

Our invisible no show socks for men are made with iWick fibers, designed to absorb sweat quickly and evenly, so your feet stay dry and odor free for hours. Plus, the unique cushioning helps with shock absorption and intense activities like running, so you can move confidently, knowing that your feet will stay dry and supported throughout any activity without your socks being seen. 


Peak Performance Built into Everyday Life

Feetures invisible no show socks for men provide a cozy fit while incorporating high-end technologies directly from the playing field into daily life. You can wear these best-selling men's socks to work or out on the town to feel comfortable all day long. Or slip into a pair of Elite Invisible socks when you want to break PRs and crush your goals in men’s no show socks that don’t slip, no matter how fast or far you go. And when it’s time to rest and recover, we have more sock styles and lengths to try, like our men's merino wool sockscompression socks for men, or men's plantar fasciitis socks to keep your feet feeling great.