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Women's Crew Socks

Look your best and feel your best with our women's dress socks! Our women's crew socks are ultra-lightweight & comfortable to help give you confidence!

Women's Crew Socks
  • S Shoe size 4-6.5 Shoe size Y1-Y5
  • M Shoe size 7-9.5 Shoe size 6-8.5 Shoe size Y5+
  • L Shoe size 10-13 Shoe size 9-12
  • XL Shoe size 12.5-15.5
Sock Height
  • Invisible Sock Height Icon Invisible
  • No Show Tab Sock Height Icon No Show Tab
  • Quarter Sock Height Icon Quarter
  • Mini Crew Sock Height Icon Mini Crew
  • Crew Sock Height Icon Crew
  • Knee High Sock Height Icon Knee High
  • Ultra Light
  • Light
  • Max Cushion
  • Black Black
  • Brown Brown
  • Tan Tan
  • Gray Gray
  • Pink Pink
  • Red Red
  • Yellow Yellow
  • Blue Blue
  • Green Green
  • Purple Purple
  • Orange Orange
  • White White
  • Elite
  • High Performance
  • Merino10
  • Plantar Fasciitis Relief
  • Therapeutic
  • Graduated Compression
  • Everyday
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Empower Your Feet with Our Women's Crew Socks

Unleash the day with our women's crew socks that blend style, comfort, and high-performance seamlessly. From an energizing morning run to an eventful day at the office or a lively evening event, these #1 best everyday socks will journey with you, providing unparalleled comfort.

Cushioning Powerhouse

Dive into the luxury of our Max Cushion women's socks. With high-density cushioning in the heel and forefoot—your feet's high-impact zones—we've got you covered. No more holding back on those hectic days or when pushing your workouts to the limit. This added cushioning is your shield, warding off unnecessary impact.

Socks that Fit Like a Dream

Each pair is crafted with an anatomical design, conforming to your feet's unique structure for a fit that feels custom-made. Say goodbye to constant sock adjustments. Our women's crew socks are here to stay, keeping stride with you from sunrise to sunset.

Bid Farewell to Blisters

Blisters? They're history with The Perfect Toe® technology. Our socks do away with annoying toe seams, delivering the comfort your feet crave, whether you're out for a casual walk or sprinting towards the 10K finish line.

Versatility Meets Style

Our crew socks for women are the epitome of versatility. The classic crew length with a 2" cuff takes you from work to play effortlessly. Pair them with your favorite pants for a chic look or shorts for a casual vibe.

Support, Right Where It Counts

Experience targeted compression in all the crucial areas. Throughout our collection of women’s crew socks, you’ll find comforting support to your feet, ankles, and calves, preparing you for whatever the day throws your way.

Breathe Easy with Lighter Cushioning

For the breathability aficionados, our Everyday Ultra Light Women's Crew socks are your perfect match. These socks flaunt our thinnest cushioning, promising maximum comfort and breathability without sacrificing fit, feel, or durability.

All-Day Performance, Every Day

Our women's crew socks are built for any and all occasions. From work to workouts, to milestone achievements, these socks are designed to complement every shoe, every outfit, every time.
Discover the full range of our Max Cushion, Ultra Light, and women's mini crew socks. Join the ranks of US runners who have made our socks their top choice. Each new day is a fresh adventure. Ensure your feet are adventure-ready in comfort and style. Explore our collection now and feel the Feetures difference.