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Experience dry, comfortable, blister-free feet in Feetures men’s diabetic socks. Shop today for diabetic socks designed for special foot care needs.

men’s therapeutic socks & diabetic socks
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Experience All-Day Relief in Men’s Diabetic Socks

Your feet deserve the best diabetic socks designed to protect and provide all-day comfort, so your special foot care needs don’t slow you down. Feetures therapeutic socks for men help prevent skin irritation while protecting your feet against pressure and friction. Designed with technologically-advanced features that reduce blisters and ulcers, our men’s diabetic socks relieve pain, increase comfort, and accelerate recovery.  

Improved Circulation 

Active diabetics and those with special foot care needs should avoid wearing socks with a top elastic as it could cause circulation problems due to restricted blood flow. That’s why we designed our therapeutic socks for men with a comfortable, non-binding top. And you don’t have to worry about them sliding down because added support in the arch keeps our diabetic socks from slipping inside your shoe.

Extra Protection and Comfort

Protecting your feet is key for active diabetics and those with special foot care needs. That’s why we use high-density cushioning in our men’s diabetic socks. It adds extra protection in high-impact areas, preventing foot injuries. Plus, The Perfect Toe® eliminates irritating toe seams, reducing the risk of blisters by minimizing pressure points on the feet. 

Enhanced Breathability

Active diabetics and those with special foot care needs should prioritize dry feet. That’s why our men’s diabetic socks feature mesh construction that ventilates the top of the foot for added breathability. In addition, iWick® fibers wick away moisture to keep your feet cool and dry throughout the day. With the quality craftsmanship and comfort that Feetures brings, you can walk confidently, knowing your feet are well taken care of.

Reduce Fatigue and Protect Your Feet in Men’s Diabetic Socks

If you’re looking for a pair of diabetic socks that help protect your feet against pressure, avoid friction, and prevent skin irritation and ulceration, look no further than Feetures therapeutic socks for men. Our men’s diabetic socks come in three comfortable sock heights to meet your needs–ankle, 3” quarter, and classic crew length that hits just below the calf.  

With proper fit and frequent use, diabetic socks can be an effective preventive measure against one of the potential complications of diabetes. Our diabetic socks are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association, so you can be confident they’ll do the job of protecting your feet. With built-in cushioning that ensures your feet stay comfortable throughout the day, you’ll significantly reduce the chance of developing blisters and other sores. 

If your doctor suggests wearing compression socks, check out our collection of compression socks for men and men's recovery socks for the added benefit of targeted compression in critical areas. At Feetures, we have men's socks to help you experience relief and recover faster–whether you need plantar fasciitis socks for men or men’s diabetic socks to get back on your feet again.