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Trail Socks

Tackle any trail effortlessly with Feetures trail socks, crafted to ensure your feet remain dry and comfortable on every adventure.

Trail Socks
  • S Shoe size 4-6.5 Shoe size Y1-Y5
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  • L Shoe size 10-13 Shoe size 9-12
  • XL Shoe size 12.5-15.5
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Conquer Every Path with Feetures® Trail Socks

Feetures® recognizes the distinct challenges of off-road adventures. That's why our trail socks are meticulously crafted to offer unparalleled comfort, protection, and performance. Tailored to the diverse demands of even the toughest trails, these socks are your trusty companion through fluctuating weather, extended distances, and unpredictable terrains.

Trail Socks Designed for the Extremes

When you're out on the trail, every step can bring a new challenge, be it muddy paths, icy patches, river crossings, or rocky inclines. Feetures® trail socks are crafted to stand up to it all, making them arguably the best trail socks available. Here's what sets our trail socks apart in the world of extreme running:

Maximum Cushioning

Those who love being on the trail know the importance of cushioning, especially in key areas like the heel and forefoot. Our socks are designed to absorb the shocks of rough terrains, from jagged rocks to gravel paths, ensuring every step is as comfortable as the last.

Moisture Management

Our trail socks are made from recycled fibers with moisture-wicking properties. They help keep your feet dry by wicking sweat away from your skin, reducing the risk of blisters and discomfort.

Moisture-wicking technology is especially critical when running or hiking in hot weather or through streams, mud, and other terrain that may soak your shoes and feet. Our materials are the best for keeping feet dry and comfortable.


The targeted compression in our trail socks provides support, reduces muscle fatigue, and improves blood circulation. Our trail socks are ideal for running or hiking short or long distances.


At Feetures®, we believe that comfort on the trail begins from the ground up.Cushioning is just one way our trail socks provide comfort. Our seamless toe construction also helps keep blisters and irritation at bay mile after mile. An anatomically designed fit also ensures your socks offer a custom-like fit for maximum comfort.

To find the perfect fit, we recommend consulting our sock size chart. Whether it's for you or another trail enthusiast in your life, the right size makes all the difference.


Being on the trail is an adventure, often leading you through unpredictable terrains filled with potential hazards. It's essential that your feet, the foundation of your run, are shielded from the unexpected challenges like jagged rocks, stray branches, and other trail debris.

Feetures® understands this need for protection. Our Trail Max Mini Crew and Quarter socks are specifically designed to act as a barrier against these trail nuisances. Beyond physical protection, the advanced moisture-wicking fibers in our socks ensure that sweat and external moisture don't become a source of discomfort, keeping your feet dry and irritation-free.

Take Your Adventures to New Extremes with Feetures® Trail Socks

With Feetures® trail socks, every step you take is backed by design elements that prioritize your comfort, ensuring your feet remain cool, dry, and blister-free from start to finish. Our high-performance features address and prevent typical concerns, from foot fatigue to sock movement.

We offer a full selection of trail socks for women and trail socks for men, including Trail Max socks, including our Max Cushion Mini Crew and Max Cushion Quarter. All varieties provide all the protection, durability, and comfort your feet desire.

Discover the Feetures® difference and let every trail run be a testament to unmatched foot comfort. Shop now and let your feet relish every mile.