Women's Relief & Recovery Socks

Women's Graduated Compression Socks

Women's Graduated Compression Socks
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Women’s Running Socks

Whether you’re hitting the pavement, pumping some iron, or primping for a girls’ night out, you know that maximizing your body’s circulation is always important. That’s why our Women’s Graduated Compression Socks were engineered to boost blood flow and prevent tired and achy muscles at the end of your day. Available in four eye-catching colors, these are not your grandma’s compression socks (although they do aid in the prevention of spider and varicose veins).

Our Exclusive Lines of Running Socks

High Performance

Our High Performance socks were created with comfort and durability top of mind. Inarguably our most popular sock, this line is ideal for long-distance running, hiking, or those seeking a supportive, no-slip fit through the duration of their workout regime. Advanced iWick Fiber technology keeps feet dry far longer than any competitor, and the superior craftmanship ensures a consistently snug fit.   


Our Elite line was engineered to be the best performance sock on the planet. Featuring the same comfort and durability as our High Performance socks, the Elite series boasts the added innovation of anatomical design. Through targeted and zone-specific compression, these socks will conform to meet the unique needs of your right and left foot.  

Merino 10

Our exclusive Merino 10 line utilizes a uniquely spun blend of merino wool and TENCEL fibers, resulting in a 200-thread-count sock that offers more comfort, breathability, and durability than any other merino running sock on the market. 

Plantar Fasciitis Relief

Our Plantar Fasciitis Relief line provides convenient comfort where you need it most. Through targeted compression in three critical zones, this innovative sock is structured to lift, stretch, and stabilize the plantar fascia, while also supporting the Achilles tendon to ease heel and arch pain. 

Graduated Compression

Our Graduated Compression line was constructed to provide an unmatched custom-like fit, improving circulation and reducing muscle fatigue. Through the use of targeted compression, high-density cushioning, and anatomical design, this revolutionary line promotes a faster recovery time for your active lifestyle. 

Sizing Guide

Feetures® premium socks are engineered to provide a custom fit unlike any on the market. Designed to conform to your anatomical specifications, our socks fit snugly to prevent bunching and reduce the risk of blisters. Our detailed sizing chart will assist in determining your optimal size. We generally recommend going up a size if you are between sizes to ensure maximum comfort. Please contact our team with any questions—we are happy to provide additional information in order to guarantee the perfect Feetures® fit.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Running Socks

Our mission is to engineer products that will make your feet feel their best, when you cross the finish line and beyond. Many runners overlook the correlation between their socks and performance, which is why we’ve compiled some common questions we receive regarding our breakthrough sock technology.  

Should running socks be thick or thin?

While the thickness of your running socks relies heavily on personal preference, it’s also worth noting that the materials used to construct your socks can play an even more critical role in overall performance. If you desire more cushioning under your feet or a better fit within your running shoes, extra thickness could prove beneficial. 

Fortunately, each line within our exclusive running collection offers varying cushion levels ranging from ultra light to max cushion, allowing you to cater your Feetures® experience to your personal preference. 

Should running socks be tight?

When it comes to how your running socks should feel when you pull them on, we prefer the word “snug.” Each member of our running collection was designed to have a custom-like fit, often utilizing targeted compression and anatomical design—meaning they conform to each of your feet perfectly. They should never feel uncomfortably tight, as this would restrict the critical movement of your toes.

Do compression socks help with running?

The aim of compression socks is to prevent cramps and swelling by reducing excess movements made by your calf muscles. Wearing compression socks while running can help decrease the energy output of your legs, meaning your muscles will experience reduced effects of fatigue. 

Our Graduated Compression line features 15-20 mmHg of compression at the ankle, gradually lessening towards the calf. This allows for increased blood flow, enhanced performance, and quick recovery. 

Do you need special socks for running? 

Not all socks are created equally. When it comes to running socks, investing in high-quality products can affect everything from your performance to your recovery time. At Feetures® we take pride in engineering top-of-the-line collections centered around innovative sock technology. We consider the direct impact that running has on the entire body, and design products geared toward providing unmatched comfort and optimal performance.  

Why are cotton socks bad for running?

Cotton socks are simply not built for performance. They lack necessary moisture-wicking abilities, meaning they hold onto sweat, heat, and friction. This leads to painful blisters, calluses, chafing, and odor. When it comes to quality running socks, you should rely on material that provides optimal comfort, while ultimately keeping your feet dry. A great example is our exclusive Merino 10 line, which utilizes a unique blend of merino wool and TENCEL fibers, resulting in a 200-thread-count sock that is all things comfort, durability, and dryness.