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Women's High Performance Socks

Our women's performance socks are better than the rest! They're moisture-wicking, have a seamless toe, a snug fit & more! Get yours today!

Women's High Performance Socks
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  • L Shoe size 10-13 Shoe size 9-12
  • XL Shoe size 12.5-15.5
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Women’s High Performance Socks

Whether you’re hitting the pavement for the first time or training for your next 10K, we engineered our signature line of High Performance socks to deliver the ultimate foot comfort and recovery. We have created the perfect women's socks for your performance and preference through high-density cushioning, maximum support, and advanced iWick fiber technology.

Our Exclusive Line of High Performance Socks

High Performance

We engineered our High Performance socks with comfort and durability top of mind. This line is ideal for long-distance running, hiking, or those seeking a supportive, no-slip fit through the duration of their workout regimen. Advanced iWick fiber technology keeps feet dry far longer than our competitors, and the detailed craftmanship guarantees a consistently snug fit.  

Here’s why our High Performance sock is superior: 

Power bands of Lycra hug your entire foot for maximum support and blister prevention

High density cushioning provides extra protection in high impact areas

iWICK® fibers wick moisture to keep feet cool and dry while providing superior durability

Mesh construction on top of the sock provides ventilation for added breathability

The Perfect Toe® (no irritating toe seam)

No show tab height sits below the ankle for maximum versatility

Sizing Guide

Feetures® premium socks are engineered to provide a custom fit unlike any on the market. Designed to conform to your unique anatomical specifications, our socks fit snugly to prevent bunching and reduce the risk of blisters. Our detailed sizing chart will assist in determining your optimal size. We generally recommend sizing up if you are between sizes to ensure maximum comfort. Please contact our team with any questions — we are happy to provide additional information to guarantee the perfect Feetures® fit.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Running Socks

What are performance socks?

Performance socks, like our Women's High Performance Socks Collection, are specially designed to support and enhance your athletic activities. They are engineered with features such as moisture-wicking fibers, a seamless toe, and a snug fit to provide optimal comfort and performance. These socks are ideal for long-distance running, hiking, or any workout regimen where you need a supportive, no-slip fit.

What are the best socks for extreme heat?

The best socks for extreme heat are those made with moisture-wicking materials that keep your feet cool and dry, even in hot conditions. Our Women's High Performance Socks feature advanced iWick® fiber technology that wicks moisture away from your feet, keeping them cool and comfortable even in extreme heat.

Why are performance socks tight?

Performance socks are designed to be snug, not uncomfortably tight. A snug fit helps prevent the socks from bunching up and causing discomfort or blisters. It also ensures that the socks stay in place during your activities, providing consistent support and cushioning where you need it most.

Do performance socks make a difference?

Absolutely! Performance socks can significantly enhance comfort and performance during athletic activities. They provide targeted support, help manage moisture, and reduce the risk of blisters. By keeping your feet comfortable and dry, performance socks allow you to focus on your activity, whether it's running, hiking, or working out.