May is Global Employee Health & Fitness Month – Feetures

May is Global Employee Health & Fitness Month

May is Global Employee Health & Fitness Month

It’s no secret that health and fitness go hand in hand, and May is an entire month dedicated to encouraging employees to do all they can to level up their goals and performance. Feetures is all about helping individuals achieve personal health goals, so here are some tips on making the most of this year’s Employee Health & Fitness Month.

1. Dial Up the Enthusiasm

Not everyone will be as excited about health and fitness as we are, so it’s important for managers and other leaders to drum up enthusiasm to maximize participation. Consider planning some communications around the upcoming events of the month, complete with words from leadership about what health and fitness mean to them and examples of how they incorporate it into everyday life in fun ways. Demonstrating that this month is meant to be a celebration is key to getting the most people to participate.  

2. Get Employee Feedback

When planning events for Global Employee Health & Fitness Month, you need to know what employees are actually excited about. Internal surveys are helpful here, as they can reveal how employees feel about the events you’re planning, what their health and fitness goals are, and how you can support those goals throughout the month.

3. Organize Group Events

Picking and planning your events is the biggest challenge since people have all different levels of fitness and interest in various activities. While one group may be into hardcore mountain biking and running, another group may prefer a less high-impact activity like yoga. The key is to take employee feedback into consideration and provide options at every level so no one is forced to do something they don’t want to or physically can’t do.

4. Raise the Stakes With Feetures

A great way to drive enthusiasm is to provide some sort of prize as an incentive for reaching personal fitness goals. Similar to how libraries give out small prizes for reading a certain number of books, you can incentivize employees to reach their self-selected fitness goals by giving away raffle tickets to those who complete a certain number of goals or activities.

Feetures socks are an excellent incentive since so few people realize just how much a great pair of socks improves the experience of any physical activity. Consider offering a variety of types as prizes, like our supportive running socks, relief and recovery socks, or incomparably comfy Merino 10 socks so everyone has a chance to strive for a prize that fits their needs.

You can even have employees take our perfect pair quiz to find out what’s in the highest demand, so your health and fitness program garners the most participation and your employees get the reward they deserve for a month of team-building hard work.

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