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Running Socks Buying Guide

Running Socks Buying Guide

As a runner, you know that every detail of your equipment matters. You carefully select your shoes for the perfect fit and wear clothes that won't chafe, hold on to sweat, or slow you down. So why settle for made-for-the-masses socks that slip, blister, trap heat, and cause discomfort? You deserve better! You deserve today’s best running socks designed with every technical advantage runners require to go the distance in comfort. You just need to know what to look for.

Let’s discuss the six key features the best running socks will offer.

The Best Running Socks Will Have These Six Things

  1. Breathable, Sweat-Wicking Materials
    One prominent feature of well-built running socks is the fabric they are made from. We’ve tested numerous materials and found that a few were better than most.

    For example, cotton socks aren’t very good at wicking away moisture. When your feet create heat and sweat forms in a cotton sock, it has nowhere to go. Depending on the climate, you’re either left with cold, wet feet, or hot, sweaty, heavy socks. Either scenario does not make for a comfortable run. One natural fiber that does make an excellent running sock is Merino wool.

    Merino wool is designed by nature to wick away moisture in the heat, insulate and maintain body warmth in the cold, and resist odor no matter the temperature. Merino wool is also naturally durable, soft, and lightweight. Our collection of Merino 10 running socks combine the natural advantages of Merino wool with super soft, sweat-wicking TENCEL fibers to ensure your feet stay dry and as temperature-regulated as possible in any weather or terrain.

    Another superstar material for running socks is nylon. This quick-drying synthetic material is excellent at wicking away moisture to keep feet dry. Because nylon provides a better stretch than cotton, it’s also a favored material to prevent slippage, blistering, and discomfort. Nylon is also a lightweight material, which some runners prefer.

  2. A Seamless Toe
    If you've ever gone for a run without wearing proper socks, you know how pivotal seam placement can be. Seams that rub and move around cause friction between your foot and the shoe, resulting in blisters. And runs with blisters? That can make a mile feel like a marathon. Seamless toe socks help to minimize friction, slippage, and bunching, which allows you to perform your best. We design all our running socks with a seamless, Perfect Toe® design so you can make strides without thinking about your feet.

  3. Friction-Fighting Heel Tabs & Designs
    Any runner knows that where there is friction, there is bound to be a blister. A pitfall of most conventional socks today is the lack of heel protection, and another reason why made-for-the-masses socks make poor running gear.

    Technical running socks designed with heel tabs help reduce the opportunity for friction between the heel of the shoe and the ankle, in turn minimizing sock slippage and blisters. Even when your feet are sweating, heel tabs help keep your sock in place. So if you're looking for a good pair of running socks, choose ones with a no-show heel tab that sits below the ankle for maximum comfort.

    Not crazy about heel tabs? No sweat! All of Feetures running socks are designed with Y-Heel Construction, Arch Band Support, and Heel Hugger technology to protect against sock slippage inside of your shoes. While heel tabs will maximize heel comfort, you can still get a well-fitting, stay-put running sock in the tab-free style you prefer.

  4. Superior Cushioning
    In your search for the best running socks for men and women, you’ll come across ultra-thin socks and highly cushioned pairs. How do you know which is best for you? Consider the climate and type of running you’ll be doing. Both thin and thick socks offer benefits to runners. For example, thin socks provide a lighter, cooler feel, while thicker socks offer maximum cushioning, comfort, and extra protection in high-impact areas.

    A thin pair of running socks can provide the protection you need without restricting your feet if you're going for a run in the summer heat. If you’re pounding the pavement in colder weather, a little extra cushioning can make all the difference. At Feetures, our men's running socks and women's running socks are available in Ultra-Light, Light, Cushion, and Max Cushion to meet your needs and preferences.

  5. Targeted Compression
    Your socks won’t prevent rubbing and blisters if they don’t provide a superior, “like-a-glove” fit. Running socks designed with targeted, zone-specific compression offer unique advantages other socks simply can’t, helping make your runs more comfortable. For instance, Targeted Compression can help reduce foot fatigue by supporting the arches. They can also help prevent blisters by reducing friction, ensuring superior comfort and support where you need it most.

  6. An Anatomical Design
    Your shoes have a designated foot, so why don’t most socks? If you want to level up your running game with gear built to perform, your next pair of running socks should offer an anatomically structured, anti-blistering design. Running socks designed to conform to the left and right structure of the foot provide an enhanced fit and reduce the risk of blisters. So whether you're a casual runner or training for a marathon, investing in a good pair of Anatomically structured socks can help you avoid rest days due to tired, blistered feet.

Run Your Best in Feetures Running Socks for Men and Women

Feetures running socks are designed to provide ultimate comfort and support so that you can focus on your next personal best without worrying about what’s going on inside your shoes.

Our High Performance, Elite, and Merino 10 running socks are made from unique, durable blends of high-quality, moisture-wicking materials to keep your feet cool and cozy regardless of temperature. 

Advanced features like Targeted Compression, Y-Heel Construction, Heel Hugger technology, Anatomical Designs, and your preferred levels of cushioned support help banish blisters, slippage, fatigue, and discomfort, even on the most strenuous runs. Best of all, Feetures has men's socks and women's socks available, so everyone can enjoy the benefits of high-quality running socks.

Shop our best-selling men's socksbest-selling women's socks, and trail running socks today to find your perfect fit for every way you like to move, train, and travel by foot.

Written by

Joseph Gaither

Joe Gaither is the Chief Marketing Officer at Feetures. After graduating from UNC (go 'heels!) Joe joined the ranks alongside father/Feetures CEO Hugh Gaither and brother/Feetures COO John Gaither, developing the very best performance socks designed to support the many ways humans are meant to move. After work, you can find Joe with his dog-son, Louis, or running in his favorite Feetures men's socks–the Elite Ultra Light No Shows!

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