Joe Gaither: Feetures Chief Marketing Officer

Joe Gaither: Feetures Chief Marketing Officer

As a member of the Gaither family, Joe has been an active part of the sock industry since childhood. Having helped name the company while working on homework and spending time with his father, you could say Joe was engineered for marketing from the start!

After earning a History degree from UNC Chapel Hill (go ‘heels!) Joe joined the Feetures team alongside his father, Hugh, and brother, John, as Chief Marketing Officer. As CMO, Joe spends his days collaborating with and growing the Feetures team, relentlessly committed to developing the very best performance socks to support every way humans are meant to move.

Off the clock, you can find spending time with his dog son, Louis, or running in his favorite pair of men’s running socks–the Elite Ultra Light–a bestselling men’s sock designed for heel-to-toe comfort in any terrain.

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