What are Merino Socks?

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What are Merino Socks?

Whether you’re hitting the hiking trails or pounding the pavement, our uniquely engineered Merino Wool Socks will keep your feet comfortable and dry for the duration of your workout.

Our game-changing Merino 10 line is crafted from a uniquely spun blend of merino wool with TENCEL fibers. We’ve revolutionized the wool sock industry with our softer-than-ever merino and rarefied 200-needle-count process, resulting in a sock that is comfier, stretchier, more durable, and stays drier than any other merino wool sock on the market. The variable heights and cushion levels allow for a customized sock comfort experience.

Our mission is to engineer products that will make your feet feel their best, when you cross the finish line and beyond. Many runners are unaware of the benefits of merino wool socks to maintain optimal warmth and dryness, so we’ve compiled some of the common questions we receive regarding wool running socks. 

Are wool socks better than cotton?

Wool, especially our super-soft merino wool blend, is a great option for cooler weather socks. That’s because wool will keep your feet insulated while also ensuring that they remain dry. Wool can absorb much more moisture than cotton, so wool socks keep your feet dry and reduce the risk of developing blisters. 

What’s so unique about merino wool?

Merino wool socks are antimicrobial and breathable. This means that merino wool absorbs odor-causing bacteria, resulting in less stink buildup. You can get the most out of your merino wool socks without fear of them developing long-lasting odors.

Can merino wool socks prevent blisters?

In short: yes! Not only is merino wool extremely soft and comfortable, it is also highly absorbent – meaning drier feet for you and a reduced likelihood of developing painful blisters or skin irritation. Plus, our Merino 10 socks are created with Targeted Compression and Anatomical design to create a Custom-Like Fit that reduces the chance of blisters. 

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