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This Is How We Resist

This Is How We Resist

Can socks inspire you? We think they can. But, it’s not the fabric or the threads themselves. It’s the purposeful design. The fact that they are engineered to move and perform with the body no matter how far you want to go or whatever the conditions may be. It’s the challenge to go. To do. To resist any obstacle put in front of you.

In 2019, we are celebrating the people who inspire us to engineer products for performance. We know you’re out there, grinding away, pushing yourself and resisting everyday. And we are too. Here are a few of the Feetures team that continue to inspire us everyday.

Tarra – Inventory Planning Manager: Tarra is a master at keeping busy, a yoga instructor, local food blogger, and travel enthusiast. In order to maintain her active lifestyle she truly lives the “resist” mantra. Nothing gets in her way.

“Most days, you will be tired, you will not feel motivated and that is when you show up, not for anyone except for yourself. You never know what is on the other side of a challenge unless you try, head first, trails blazing, like a boss. You resist.”

Tarra's Favorite Feetures: Elite Ultra Light No Show Tab

John – VP of Product Development:
John seems to be naturally fit. He looks like he spends most of his time at the gym, but we know that’s not possible because he’s always working or with his kids. Anyhow, we know he makes time for his workouts at some point. We’re just not sure if he sleeps.

“With three kids it’s hard to make time for yourself, but I start every morning with a short workout on the living room floor as the kids have breakfast and chaos begins to unfold around me. It helps me start my day off on the right foot. I have to thank my wife for allowing me this simple pleasure each day.”

John's Favorite Feetures: Men's Be Bold Cushion Crew

Kelly – Customer Relationship Specialist: Kelly’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Persistently active, she wakes up nearly everyday at 5am to swim or workout, but we were all blown away when she maintained her habit of working out at her local CrossFit box through 9 months of pregnancy! Even up to the day before she gave birth to her beautiful baby girl.

“It’s not always easy to find time to workout, but it’s a priority for me. I have to stay active or I’m not happy. Now that I have a baby I find myself just pushing her around our neighborhood in a stroller for hours at time.”

Kelly's Favorite Feetures: Elite Light Cushion No Show Tab

Weston – Customer Service Specialist: Weston, Feetures’ Customer Service Specialist, spends his days at work answering your most pressing questions about Feetures. If you’re talking to him on the phone and he sounds like he’s smiling, he definitely is. When he’s not helping Feetures customers at work, he’s most likely on the trails training for his next 50k.

“As a former employee at a Run Specialty shop, I’ve seen many people overcome so many issues to accomplish their goals. So, when I get lazy or tired, I think about some of those stories to find a little motivation.”

Weston's Favorite Feetures: Merino 10 Cushion Crew


Written by

Joseph Gaither

Joe Gaither is the Chief Marketing Officer at Feetures. After graduating from UNC (go 'heels!) Joe joined the ranks alongside father/Feetures CEO Hugh Gaither and brother/Feetures COO John Gaither, developing the very best performance socks designed to support the many ways humans are meant to move. After work, you can find Joe with his dog-son, Louis, or running in his favorite Feetures men's socks–the Elite Ultra Light No Shows!

  • Colleen Ehrhardt

    Enjoying my feetures, especially on those cold walks in Chicago.

  • catherine kennedy

    My family is convinced that Feetures are the best fitting socks they have ever worn. Can’t go back to the old ones!

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