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Mother’s Day Gifts for Runners and Active Moms

Mother’s Day Gifts for Runners and Active Moms

Mother’s Day is approaching quickly! Instead of waiting until the last minute, shop these gift ideas for runner moms and other moms on the go. We found a few gift ideas other than running shoes and a GPS or Apple Watch (though those are amazing gifts) to get any runner ready to pound the pavement.

Pay Her Race Entry Fee 5K, 10K, Half-Marathon, etc.

Want to win over the running-enthusiast mom in your life in a big way? Buy her an entry to her favorite race. Even better if it’s one that has been on her bucket list. For many moms, choosing which races they put on their calendar can come down to the crazy expensive registration fees. If there is a race on her list that she has been dying to run but has been hesitant to register for because of the cost, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to make her race dreams come true!

Buy Her a Pair of Comfortable Feetures Running or Everyday Socks

Socks, you say? Well, of course! Proper running socks are imperative to performance (cotton just will not do), and a pair of quality running socks is a running gift for her feet that’ll power her through long runs. Not only do Feetures socks come in a variety of different cushion levels for comfort, but they also are constructed to provide support, wick away moisture, and prevent blisters.  Because, let’s be real: Blisters can be a real bummer, and busy moms certainly don’t have time for that! And now, Feetures aren't just for running, our new Everyday line, places running sock technology into socks for every day. That way, she can be comfortable no matter where she's going and no matter what she's doing. And for the all the moms out there with plantar fasciitis, Feetures also has socks specifically for them!

Make sure to check out our latest collection of women’s socks for mom this year.

Treat Her to a Day at the Spa

On the flip side, maybe she just finished a race and her body could use a little repair? What better gift than a day at the spa? Being not only a mother but also a dedicated runner can be quite exhausting. A massage, pedicure, or day away from all the craziness can do a lot to rejuvenate her body and mind.

Buy Her a Pair of Recovery Sandals

If a spa day is a bit out of your budget, then recovery sandals are a great alternative. In fact, sandals like these PR Soles from Gone for a Run or Oofos Recovery Sandals will soothe her sore soles after each and every run  it’s a foot massage with every step she takes!

Get Her Some Running-Inspired Jewelry

Maybe she is more of the sentimental type that would appreciate something to mark a running milestone or motivate her when she is on the run. Running-related necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, and motivational wraps from Scott James Jewelry, Inspired Endurance, and Gone For a Run all have great pieces that can help mark her running achievements.

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