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The 5 Best Socks to Keep Your Feet Cool in the Summer

The 5 Best Socks to Keep Your Feet Cool in the Summer

Ah, summer: the season of extra daylight, baseball games, cookouts, and hot, clammy feet. You know what we mean – after a full day enclosed in socks and shoes, your feet can get a bit smelly in the summer heat. You may be tempted to stick to sockless footwear like sandals, flip-flops, and Crocs, but it doesn’t have to be that way! We believe that you can have both close-toed shoes AND cool, dry feet, even when temperatures are pushing 100. How? With five socks engineered to keep your feet as cool as a summer breeze!


Our most popular sock comes in ultra light cushion for maximum breathability. iWick fibers control moisture to keep your feet dry and stank-free. Opt for no-show height for a sock that sits just below your ankle, ensuring that no hint of sock interferes with your shorts + sneakers style.  With an anatomical design and targeted compression, these socks will never slide down and subject your feet to direct shoe contact or blisters. Made for men, women, and children, this sock guarantees an enhanced fit and feel along with cool, dry feet, however you choose to move.

High Performance

Available for men and women, our high performance line is recognized for its snug and supportive fit. But that doesn’t mean it will get stuffy in your shoes! Our iWick® technology ensures cool and dry feet, and the mesh construction on the top of the sock provides ventilation for added breathability. Unlike our other lines, they are not specifically tailored for the left and right foot, but they’re held in place with Y heel construction and bands of Lycra to protect you from blisters as you move. Choose ultra light cushion and no-show height for the coolest results.


While the kids may run wild during summer, many of us still have to go to work. Most of the time, that means close-toed shoes with work-appropriate socks. Unfortunately, many dress socks don’t help with summer swamp feet. That’s why we took the same principles of moisture control and applied them to our Everyday lines for men and women. Our Everyday crew sock takes business and dress socks to a whole new level with targeted compression and a custom-like fit your feet have never felt in your daily grind. Best of all, iWick® spun polyester fibers offer superior moisture management for dry feet in the stickiest of situations. Available in ultra light cushion for maximum breathability.

Everyday No Show

For those who wear low-rise shoes in their daily life, we humbly submit our Everyday No Show sock. Just like the crew length, the ultra light cushion and iWick fibers create a cool, breathable sock that banishes sweaty feet. With our heel-hugging technology, these socks will never slip, slide, or give any hint to their presence. Sockless style has never been this dry and comfortable! Available for men and women.

Compression Socks

It may be summer, but some of us still need compression socks to help with athletic training, pregnancy, and other conditions. Don’t resign yourself to clammy legs and feet – try our graduated compression socks for a cool fit with just the right amount of pressure. Made for both men and women, they feature ultra light cushioning that lets your feet breathe. Just like all of our other socks, they’re made with iWick fibers to control moisture. These socks improve circulation and provide cushioned comfort without the extra insulation.

Ready to experience cool, dry feet this summer? Take advantage of our lifetime guarantee and try a pair. Still not sure? Take our sock finder quiz to find the best Feetures fit for you!

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    Which sock do you recommend for tennis and which for work ( I wear a d as hit). Thanks

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