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Everyday Crew Style Guide

Maximize Performance Without Sacrificing Style

The art of effortless wear. It’s not as easy as it seems. Stylish shoes often come at the price of comfortable socks.

And that uncomfortable shuffle in your step when you feel an oncoming blister? That cancels out any style points those shoes earned you in the first place (let’s be honest—at that point you’re going negative).

It’s time to cut the tie between great shoes and mediocre socks. At Feetures, we believe that no heel, arch, or toe should have to suffer for the sake of style. 

Enter: The Everyday Crew. 

The first performance sock to elevate style while enhancing movement.

We designed this collection in honor of daily activity: a casual, understated silhouette lends itself to everyday wear, while targeted compression, a seamless toe, and a custom-like fit keep the performance benefits at an elite tier.

Ready to take them for a spin?. We’ll help you get started with a few styling tips: 

Jacquard Block Lilac - 

Tuck them into your loungewear and under a blanket to upgrade your movie-night attire.

Everyday Women's Crew in Pink and White Block Stripes

Tailored Stripe Verde - 

Add a little personality to your everyday khakis with a dash of blue.

Blue Everyday Crew Mens with khakis

Zig Zag Gray -

Wear them around the house to support your cooking, dancing, and sliding.

Gray striped everyday crew socks

Rugby Stripe Charcoal - 

Style them with cuffed jeans and suede sneakers to polish up your streetwear.

 Black and red striped everyday crew mens with jeans

So wear it everywhere—to the couch, to the tailgate, to the impromptu dinner invitation. Wherever you go, know that you look good every step of the way.

It’s time for an upgrade. Let’s shop. 


Written by

Alexis Mendible

Alexis Mendible is the Senior Digital Marketing Specialist at Feetures. A lifelong northern Californian and proud traveler, Alexis has a vested interest in all things movement and adventure. Combined with her passion for digital marketing, Alexis offers fresh and authentic ideas to help others pursue healthy, active lifestyles. Off the clock, you can catch Alexis working out in her favorite women's socks, the Elite Ultra Light No Shows!

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