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Fall Cycling Tips

Fall Cycling Tips

As fall settles in, cyclists in many areas can look forward to rides through beautifully shifting foliage. However, you’ll also likely have to contend with the significant issues that come with cycling through unexpected or increased levels of rain. Here are five tips to keep in mind when cycling during autumn.

Watch for Slick Spots

Everything tends to get a bit slipperier in the fall. You likely already know to watch for clusters of leaves, but metal like railroad tracks or maintenance hole covers can be an unexpected menace, as can the painted lines on the road. 

Practice Brake Feathering

When it’s wet out, dirt and water combine to grime up your bike’s rims, making your brakes more ineffective the less you use them. If you feather the brakes consistently throughout your ride, the brakes will take a little dirt and water off each time so that when you need to stop in a hurry, you can. 

Increase Visibility

While crisp fall rides may be invigorating, they’re not often accompanied by bright sunlight. Additionally, days get shorter, and you may find yourself cycling in low light more often. To keep yourself safe, navigate these gray days by investing in reflective gear for you and high-quality lights for the front and back of your bike.

Stay On the Beaten Path

Although the change of season might make you feel a little adventurous, fall is not an ideal time to venture into parts unknown without a bit of pre-exploration. Seemingly small puddles on roads you’re unfamiliar with can hide potholes or dips that might cause you to veer off course or even get flung off your bike. Stick to areas you know to avoid unpleasant spills and potential injury. 

Stay Dry Head to Toe

A bit of rain doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying a good cycling session, as long as you properly prepare for each outing. Your rain gear should include a waterproof coat or cape, as well as pants that protect your legs from getting wet. You also need a layer of warm clothing underneath your waterproof items if you want to maintain optimal circulation.

Seek Out New Socks

With the right amount of preparation, you can continue your cycling routine through the weather changes in the fall. Socks can play a huge role in staying warm and dry during autumn outings. Feetures’ Merino 10 collection combines the moisture-wicking warmth of Merino with the softness and odor-crushing power of Tencel® fibers for a sock that’s perfect for fall cycling.

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