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Competitor Comparison: Feetures vs. Balega®

Competitor Comparison: Feetures vs. Balega®

 Feetures is proud to be included among an elite list of names in the sock industry. One company that often shares this spotlight is Balega, so let’s see how these two measure up to each other.

Feetures’ Biggest Selling Points

Feetures prides itself on the intricate engineering that goes into making their running socks stand out. Available in a range of heights and cushioning, runners have long touted their anatomical design with right/left specific socks that won’t bunch up and provide a unique, custom-like fit. Feetures are also engineered with a support system called Targeted Compression, which provides zone-specific comfort and bracing where runners need it the most. They utilize a blend of natural and synthetic fibers for ultimate moisture-wicking, plus a premium Merino wool sock that provides improved comfort and durability. Another stand-out detail is that Feetures offers socks catered to a wide variety of sports, activities, and age groups.

Balega’s Biggest Selling Points

Balega’s running socks offer similar features, including contoured fit, arch support, seamless construction, and a focus on cooling through strategically placed ventilation panels. Balega utilizes a moisture-management fabric, Drynamix, that claims to keep feet cool in summer and warm in winter. It also boasts that it creates the lightest running sock on the market. One key difference to note is that Balega specializes solely in running socks, so if you are looking for a more robust variety or simply need socks for everyday wear, Feetures may be the better choice for you.

Brand Recognition

Both brands are perennial favorites on top socks lists throughout the running community. In fact, they both appear on Runner’s World’s Best Running Socks of 2021. Balega’s Silver sock was named “best for smelly feet” thanks to its silver ion-covered fabric that kills germs. Meanwhile, Feetures took the title of “best fit” for its Elite line, which utilizes Tencel fibers for a secure, no-slide fit and unique anatomical design, with socks conforming to the left and right foot.

Pricing & Guarantees

Prices are similar across the two companies. Single pairs of running socks start around $13 at both companies, topping out at $18 for Balega (Blister Resist) and $22 for Feetures (Merino 10). Each one carries a youth line, and while Balega's socks come in at about half the price, Feetures offers slightly more variety in youth socks cushioning and fabric.

Feetures stands behind its products with a lifetime guarantee, which allows for a replacement at any time with no questions asked, while Balega offers a one-year warranty against manufacturer's defects.

Best-Selling Styles

When it comes to the most popular styles available from Feetures and Balega, there’s no doubt that it boils down to Feetures Elite vs. Balega Hidden Comfort. While both offer a non-irritating seamless toe, Feetures takes comfort a step further with a snug-fitting anatomical design and added customization options with varying cushion levels and sock heights.

Finding Your Perfect Fit

It’s clear that both Feetures and Balega are committed to making a high-quality running sock. Which one is right for you? Both companies make answering that question a bit easier with an online guide to find the sock that meets your needs.

Get started with Feetures’ sock finder quiz, and take your running sock game to the next level.

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