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Introducing Vivid

Introducing Vivid

At Feetures, we dream in color. Bold, brilliant colors that are meant to make a statement. 

Because whether you know it or not, every time you put on socks and go for a run, head to the golf course, or step on the court, you’re making a statement.

You’re saying you crave discovery - new roads, new trails, new perspectives.

You strive to not just be better but to feel better.

You seek change - in scenery, in body, in mind.

With these experiences, you create for yourself memories so long lasting, that even once they’re over you feel like you could still reach out and grab them.

This fall, we embrace those vivid, intense feelings of discovery, wellbeing, and transformation with colors that are meant to invigorate, restore, and excite. Step into vibrant colors. Be brilliant on your next run. Don’t settle for anything less than Vivid.

Written by

Jesse Soloff

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