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Making Realistic Resolutions for 2022

Making Realistic Resolutions for 2022

If you’re already struggling to keep your New Year’s resolutions, you’re not alone. The promise of a fresh start can lead to overly ambitious resolutions. But don’t be discouraged! There’s still plenty of time to set meaningful (and achievable) goals. No matter what’s in store for 2022, Feetures has a pair of socks that’ll fit every activity you decide to take on!

Prioritize Your Resolutions

It’s important to prioritize your goals. You can’t achieve everything at once, as change takes hard work and time. If you have a list of five goals, just try one this month. Build daily habits toward that goal, and once those habits become a natural part of your routine, add in another goal or habit. If you’re not sure where to start, choose the goal you’re most excited about or most confident you can reach. That will help you build momentum toward your other goals. The socks in our Everyday Collection are worth getting out of bed for, no matter what your day holds. As you map this year’s priorities, consider adding these to your wardrobe for all-day support and comfort!

Take Small Steps Toward Gradual Change

Major habit and behavior changes don’t happen overnight. Instead of having one large, looming goal for the year, break up resolutions into smaller, manageable chunks. For example, if you want to “be more adventurous,” map out monthly goals toward that end. Try a new hobby like tennis or cycling this month, and try a new cuisine next month. By regularly stepping out of your comfort zone, you’ll build habits that may one day prepare you to bungee jump!

Celebrate the Milestones

While you’re building habits, choose to celebrate the small wins. If your ultimate goal is to run a marathon, mark the occasions you run a 5K, 10K, and half-marathon! Those are great accomplishments on the road to your main event. You can reward yourself as you hit your goals like treating yourself to Feetures' High Performance running socks after that first 5K! With incentives to “level up,” you’ll stay focused on the next step of the journey and prevent yourself from plateauing.  

Pair Up With a Partner

Like Feetures custom-like socks, resolutions are best kept in pairs. Enlist a partner to keep you on track this year. With the added accountability and encouragement, you’re more likely to keep your goals. If you’re trying to be more active this year, grab a buddy and hit the trails. Hiking is a great activity for all ages and all experience levels because you can start flat and slow and take on harder hikes as you’re more comfortable. If you’re new to the activity, choose the right socks to avoid blisters so you’re not done before you even get started.

Adjust as Needed

Ultimately, don’t be afraid to move the needle on your target as the year goes on. If you’re falling behind, don’t quit; adjust your expectations. This year, resolve to continue moving forward, even if it’s an inch at a time.

Let Feetures Support All Your Resolutions in 2022

No matter what you hope to achieve in 2022, Feetures has your back (and your feet)! Our men’s and women’s collections offer a wide range of support and cushion levels to meet the needs of every level of athlete and activity. If you’re looking to improve your golf game this year, for example, try our Elite Golf Max socks available for both men and women.

If you’re not sure what socks are right for you and your goals this year, get started with our sock finder quiz.

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