Meet the Women of Feetures

Meet the Women of Feetures

Meet the Women of Feetures

For International Women’s’ Day, we want to celebrate the Women of Feetures. Feetures is not only a family owned company, but also employs an amazing team of women that truly love working together. From the warehouse to inventory planning, to marketing and beyond, the women of Feetures make up a big part of the organization. Feetures has created a place where everyone feels like they are a part of something. A part of a team. Part of a family. 

So, we asked the team what it is like to work for Feetures, and here are just some of things we heard.

“We are a group of ladies that inspire, encourage and empower each other and truly care for each other.  There is no other group of ladies that I would want to spend my work days with.” - Mary Townsend, Customer Service Manager

This strong-minded, determined group of Feetures women who are from different generations and beliefs that have come together to support, empower and inspire each other, has made coming to work each day a joy.  Cheers to loving our jobs and letting the world know! - Linda Corcoran, International Sales Manager

“It’s so uplifting to be around a group of women who are so supportive of one another and just want to see each other grow while working towards one common goal; to grow the Feetures brand. We love being around each other so much that even after 8 hours of working together each day, we still make plans outside of work!” - Song Nguyen, Lead Product Designer

“It’s so inspiring to work with such strong, smart and beautiful women (inside and out). We continually cheer each other on through every victory, professional and personal alike. It’s amazing to be surround by such powerful, positive vibes every single day! I feel so lucky." - Shelly Tackett, Art Director

“It is a one of a kind opportunity to work amongst such a great group of women who inspire, motivate and push each other to be our very best self both inside and outside of work. It is truly an honor to not only love the company you work for, but to love each and every person you work with!” - Megan Wise, Product Manager


Written by

Jinnie Austin

  • Erin

    I love your socks and wear them exclusively on my runs, but yeah, same observation as Theresa. Why is no one actually wearing your product in the photo? Marketing 101!

  • Ruthann McGee

    I think of you Jinnie every time I put my feetures on which is usually 5-6 days a week. Your kindness to this new runner 7 years ago will always be appreciated!!!!!

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