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Merino Wool Sock Care Guide

Merino Wool Sock Care Guide

Wool, especially Feetures’ super-soft Merino blend, is a great option for cooler weather activity like hiking or running. That’s because wool will keep your feet insulated while also ensuring that they remain dry and blister-free as wool can absorb much more moisture than cotton.

Our game-changing Merino 10 sock line is crafted from a uniquely spun blend of merino wool with TENCEL fibers. We’ve revolutionized the wool sock industry with our softer-than-ever merino and rarefied 200-needle-count process, resulting in a sock that is more comfortable, durable, and moisture-wicking than any of its counterparts on the market.

While you could throw this type of sock in the wash as you would any old T-shirt, giving them a little extra attention will extend their life and ensure top performance. Follow our guide for the best way to care for your merino wool socks.


As mentioned, one of the biggest benefits of merino wool socks is how dry they keep your feet. Drier feet equal less stinky feet, which equals less stinky sock laundry. This means you can wear your wool socks multiple times before you need to wash them. Not only does this increase the number of miles you can put on each pair, it decreases your environmental impact by saving water and energy.

When it does come time to wash, first turn your socks inside out. This helps protect the fibers from the washing machine’s agitation. Wash them on a gentle cycle in cold or warm water (hot water could shrink wool) with a mild soap. Stay away from bleach, which destroys the merino fibers, and fabric softeners, which coat the fibers and interfere with their capacity to absorb moisture.

If you choose to hand wash, simply follow the above guidelines for soap and water temperature in a small basin. Avoid scrubbing to protect the fibers and prevent pilling.


While you can tumble dry your socks on a low setting, merino wool naturally dries quickly, making them an environmentally friendly option to air dry instead. This also helps your socks last longer. The best way to air dry is by laying your socks out flat rather than hanging them, which could distort their shape. Be sure to gently squeeze excess water from them first.


Proper storage is the final step to extending the life of your merino wool socks. If you typically store your socks rolled into balls, kick this habit for your merinos since it can stretch them out. Instead, keep your socks laid out flat in a drawer.

Ready to try a pair of Feetures’ game-changing Merino 10 socks for yourself? Take advantage of our lifetime guarantee and check them out risk-free!

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