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Set Your Running Goals for 2021

Set Your Running Goals for 2021

We all need a fresh start after a rough 2020, and the new year is an excellent time to get your running back on track. Get inspired with our list of goals for all levels of runners and set yourself up for success in 2021.


  • Start small – Lacing up your running shoes and taking those first few steps is a huge accomplishment in itself! Build on that momentum instead of chasing a particular distance so that running becomes a regular habit. Once you have conditioned your body, you can move on to a specific mileage goal.
  • Work toward a 5k – A 5k (3.1 miles) is a great goal to aim for as you begin your running journey. It’s a popular distance so you will have no problem finding local races to sign up for and many of them are run/walk, which helps take the pressure off of running the whole thing.
  • Run for charity – Beginner runners often start out strong but fall off their schedule as life gets in the way. Keep your motivation up by identifying a meaningful cause and run to support it. Raising money for a charity keeps you motivated and feeling good in the process!


  • Shake it up – Runners are creatures of habit, covering the same route or distance each time they head out the door. That can stagnate your progression so push yourself to check out a different trail, tackle that next distance goal, or even compile a new playlist full of energizing tunes. Mixing up your usual routine can do wonders to refresh your love of the sport.
  • Sign up for a future race (and have a backup) – If the COVID-19 pandemic derailed your plans to enter a big race, don’t let that goal stay on the bench. If you have trouble finding one, consider planning your own. Whether it’s by yourself or with some socially distanced friends, plotting a course and setting a date to run it can be a powerful motivator.
  • Step up your gear – If you’ve been using the same athletic shoes and clothes you started out in, consider investing in some new running-specific gear. Having the right attire can improve your performance, reduce the risk of injury, and make running more comfortable. And don’t forget about quality socks! Feetures’ Merino 10 Ultra Light Tab recently took the title of “best no-show sock” on Runner’s World’s Best Running Socks of 2020.


  • Reach the next level – Ready to take the next step in your running aspirations? Now is the time to move from a half marathon to a full, set a personal best mile time, or add in some drills like hill sprints to up your running game. Whatever that milestone is for you, 2021 is the year to make it happen.
  • Plan a "runcation" – Bring some fun back into your running routine with a vacation designed around running. We all had to put some plans on hold in 2020, so use the new year to carve out some time specifically for you and your craft. Visit a state known for its running trails, or head to a new city and plot out a course covering its landmarks.
  • Focus on strength – Core and weight-lifting exercises can be an incredible supplement to your running but are often neglected. Make it a goal this year to incorporate strength training into your weekly workouts. Stronger muscles (especially your core) mean better posture and better use of energy when you run, as well as fewer injuries.

Let Feetures Support Your Goals

Regardless of your level of experience, Feetures can help make 2021 your best running year yet with a wide range of men's running socks and women's running socks that are tailor-made for athletes. Our anatomical design with right/left specific socks won’t bunch up, provide a custom-like fit, and utilize a blend of natural and synthetic fibers for better moisture-wicking.

Take our sock finder quiz and try a pair out for yourself. It’s risk-free, thanks to Feetures’ lifetime guarantee that allows for a replacement at any time with no questions asked. Happy New Year from Feetures and happy running!

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