Simplify Your Sock Drawer

Simplify Your Sock Drawer

This week is National Simplify Your Life week and while we’re not sure how that became a “holiday” it definitely got us thinking: “How can you simplify your sock drawer”. Every morning, one of the most important choices you make is which socks to wear. Wearing a low quality sock is a great way to start off on the wrong foot.

But our question to you is: can you find your socks in the morning? Are you digging through laundry baskets to find them? Do you put on a mis-matched pair every morning and hope no-one notices. Are you wearing two “left” socks right now?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then keep reading to learn more about how to simplify your sock drawer in order to Go, Do, and Live your active lifestyle without the hassle of missing socks.

The Perfect Sock Ratio:

Do you have enough socks? Granted we, as a brand, are obsessed with high quality socks but here’s what we think makes up the perfect sock drawer ratio:

Athletic Socks x 7 - We recommend a mix of Elite No Show Tab and High Performance No Show tab.

Crew Socks x 7 - Our Everyday Crew socks work well for office-wear or casual wear with a variety of patterns that suit your Go. Do. Live lifestyle.

Casual Socks x 7 - The all-new Everyday No Show socks are the perfect sock for casual sneakers, flats. We rock them with our Vans, Converse, Golden Goose, etc.

Depending on how often you do laundry you may want to double those quantities. You can buy bundles of these socks which is a convenient way to stock up and save a little at the same time.

Throw Out Your Old Socks:

This goes without saying but start by throwing out any socks with holes in the toes, any socks that slide down, and any socks that are piled beyond recognition. You’ve been meaning to toss those so go ahead and toss them. You can also donate socks without holes in them to shelters, different shelters have different rules on what kind of socks that can be donated so check with your local shelters.

Our socks come with a Lifetime Guarantee, which sadly doesn’t protect against loss or theft by dog. So go ahead and toss or donate all those pairs that you were hoping to find the mate.

Invest in a Sock Drawer Organizer:

This has been a game changer for me and other members of the Feetures team. There are several different styles available and we’ve linked a few options below.

32 Compartment Drawer Organizer - The Container Store - $11.99

Closet Dresser Drawer Organizer Divider,Foldable Clothes Containers - Amazon - $9.99

Real Simple Honeycomb Drawer Organizer - Bed, Bath, & Beyond - $9.99

There are plenty of options out there but this is a great way to be able to see exactly what pairs you have, have them folded neatly, and not lose any to the back of the sock drawer.

Sock Laundry Bag:

The number 1 reason we lose our socks (at least in my house) is because they end up mixed with the rest of the laundry. They get dropped on the way into the wash machine, they get stolen by the dog out of the laundry basket, they don’t make their way into the dryer. They become extremely vulnerable to the sock monster. Our solution is a sock laundry bag.

  1. Pair the socks when you take them off at the end of the day.
  2. Put them in their specified laundry mesh bag.
  3. Put the mesh bag directly into the wash and dryer.
  4. All your socks are clean and still together at the end of the wash process.

You can find a great mesh laundry bag here or perhaps you were lucky enough to snag one of the Limited Edition Sock Bags we’ve had on our site as a gift with purchase.

What are your favorite ways to simplify your sock drawer? Tag us in your sock drawer picture for a chance to win a Feetures prize pack and be featured on social. Use # sockdrawergoals


    • Richard Bodman

      Best sock drawer solution I have seen, I need one. Thanks. Richard

    • Loric

      I’ve pinned my socks together since i was a kid. Works great, except that safety pins these days are terrible quality. They are flimsy wire with poorly formed clasps and dull tips. So they open in the wash, come apart, and snag other clothes. I can immediately tell a new pin from one that has been serving fir decades, as soon as I open it. And of course the new junk ones are made in China. Btw, new or old, rust has never been a problem. .

    • Peggy

      I, too, pin my socks together as soon as I take them off before tossing in the laundry. Right kind of socks, same color, together. No sorting later! Tip: Use brass (quilter’s) safety pins and they won’t rust or leave marks on your socks.

    • Karla In Missouri

      I wish someone would bring back the old fashioned, thick, white bobbie socks. Would love to find some to stock up on them.

    • Marty Weiss

      In this house we pin our socks together before throwing into the hamper. Almost impossible to lose and matched up perfectly out of the dryer . Big fan of Feetures, been wearing them for years.

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