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Why You Should Leave Your Shoes at the Door

Why You Should Leave Your Shoes at the Door

In some cultures, it’s common practice to take your shoes off when entering a house. Not surprisingly, the US – being a melting pot of cultures – is also a melting pot of indoor shoe practices. Some households keep all shoes in organized racks at the entrance, some wear shoes all the time inside, and some just take off their shoes when they think about it and leave them on when they don’t. But there are a few compelling reasons why you might want to kick off your shoes at the door and scoot around in your socks.

Avoid Spreading Icky Bacteria Throughout Your Home

Here’s a helpful rhyme for a welcome mat: “If you don’t want fecal matter on your floor, take your shoes off at the door!” When you wear shoes in the house, you’re tracking in more than just dirt. A study by Dr. Charles Gerba at the University of Arizona revealed large numbers of bacteria on the bottom of shoes – an average of 421,000 units of bacteria! "The common occurrence (96 percent) of coliform and E. coli bacteria on the outside of the shoes indicates frequent contact with fecal material, which most likely originates from floors in public restrooms or contact with animal fecal material outdoors." See what we mean? Ick!

Don’t Track Toxins Into Your Home

As if dirt and bacteria weren’t bad enough, you can also track in toxins with your shoes. The chemicals in coal-tar-sealed pavement, which have been shown to increase cancer risk, can collect on your shoes and make their way into your house. If you’re tromping through puddles or grass, you may also pick up oil, gasoline, or pesticides. If you have babies or young children who play on the floor, prevent spreading these toxins to them by leaving your shoes at the door.

Keep Your Floors Clean & Protect Them from Wear

It’s a no brainer – wearing shoes inside will get your floors dirtier, faster. Mud and dirt will follow you inside to create a headache for whoever does the cleaning. Shoes are also tougher on floors than bare feet or socks. Carpet in particular will wear down faster if everyone is stomping all over it with treaded shoes. All the dirt you track in while wearing shoes also means that floors need to be cleaned more frequently, wearing them down even faster.

Treat Your Feet

There’s no feeling quite like kicking off your shoes after a long day, so why wait? Take them off at the door and let your feet relax. Even if your shoes are comfortable, most shoes aren’t meant to be worn endlessly and can contribute to foot, leg, and back pain. Let your feet breathe and relax, free of constraints.

Rock Out With Your Socks Out

We may be biased at Feetures, but we believe that this is the # 1 reason to leave your shoes at the door. The only downside to wearing amazing socks is that nobody gets to see them, so take your shoes off and enjoy flaunting those socked feet! Instituting a “no shoes inside” policy is a pretty good excuse to invest in some fun and comfortable socks in our opinion. If you’ve been wearing shoes because your feet need the support, try our men’s or women’s relief and recovery socks for varying degrees of compression and support.

Leave Your Shoes at the Door for a Healthy, Happy Home

If you prefer happy feet, clean floors, and a home without dirt, bacteria, and toxins all over the floor, adopt a “no shoes” policy for residents and guests. Your floors will thank you, and everyone in your home will get a chance to show off their socks. Not sure your socks are up to par? Check out our lineup at Feetures for fashionable, comfortable socks that help you perform your best – even when you’re lounging at home!

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