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The Best Socks for Humidity

The Best Socks for Humidity

Foot sweat is no joke, and it’s something millions of people deal with every day, even though they don’t need to. You might be disturbed to find out that your feet have about 250,000 sweat glands between them and secrete up to half a pint of moisture each day. It’s not a pretty thought, and when you add humidity into the equation, it becomes clear you can do more to keep your feet cool and dry, even in humid weather or during heavy exercise.

Humidity Can Be Dangerous

Even if you think you’ve made peace with the idea of soggy socks, there are some concerns you may not have considered. Keeping your feet cooped up in stuffy socks can lead to severe, yet avoidable foot odor, for one thing. But it can also lead to actual health concerns like athlete’s foot, or dreaded toenail fungus that’s hard to get rid of. To stave off these conditions, you have to treat your feet to the best socks for humidity.

Moisture-Wicking Technology

When it comes to selecting the best socks for humidity, moisture wicking technology, like that found in Feetures’ High Performance sock collection, is the number one thing to consider. Our proprietary iWick® fibers not only wick moisture away from your feet to keep them dry; they also feature supreme breathability to help your feet stay cool whether you’re doing intense physical activity or sitting at home when humidity is high.

Superior Fit

It’s important to note that even the best wicking technology in the world won’t save your feet from the humidity if the fit isn’t right. A sock that is shapeless and doesn’t conform to the foot won’t make even contact with the skin, resulting in some parts of your foot staying more moist than others.

Feetures socks are designed with a highly engineered fit 20 years in the making, ensuring that every area of your foot remains cool and dry when the humidity cranks up.

Experience Feetures for Yourself

Feetures has the high-tech socks you need to fight the negative effects of humidity, but we’re also committed to giving back to our communities so you can feel good about your purchase. Additionally, we’re so confident in our design that we offer a lifetime guarantee on every pair. Why wait to get the best socks for humidity? Order your own Feetures today. 

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