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Are Feetures Socks Warm Enough for Winter?

Are Feetures Socks Warm Enough for Winter?

As temperatures cool and winter winds start to creep in, one of the first body parts to notice is your feet. It’s also one of the hardest parts to warm back up once the cold has set in. The key is prevention, and that’s where Feetures comes in. Whether you’re braving the elements for your favorite sport, building a snowman, or huddling around the campfire, we have the sock for you this winter.  

How We Up the Warmth Factor

While your ideal cold-weather sock will depend on your type of activity and the climate you live in, a few factors are consistent across the board. Material and fit are by far the most critical aspects of what makes a worthwhile warm sock.

Let’s start with what to avoid. Cotton may seem like a natural choice to cozy up to, but that would be a toe-numbing mistake. Cotton absorbs moisture and locks it in so your feet feel wet and chilled. Instead, wool is your best friend because it’s excellent at insulating while keeping feet dry.

A quality pair of wool socks is a smart, durable option for winter weather, chilly rainy outings, and outdoor adventures when you know you’ll be on your feet for a long time. Feetures’ Merino 10 is a distinct blend of Merino wool and Tencel fibers that insulates when wet, pulls sweat away from your feet to evaporate and naturally prevent odor, and provides a supportive cushion. It’s an incredibly versatile sock that is a staple for your winter wardrobe. And here’s a pro tip: Mid-calf height is a good way to avoid chafing and add extra warmth.

As far as fit goes, you will likely need to fight your first instinct. Many people go for the thickest socks possible when trying to stay toasty, even doubling up layers for added protection against wind and snow. That may seem like the coziest route to take, but it can end up working against you. Bulky socks create pockets for cold air to fill while also rubbing your feet and causing blisters. Plus, adding tight layers can even cut off circulation inside your winter boots (which in turn blocks warmth).

That’s why we depend on the power of Merino wool. This material is so efficient at insulating that you get more warmth with less sock fitted, but not too tight; warm, but not bulky. It maximizes blood flow and overall comfort for any activity, which we’ll talk about next.

One Sock, Endless Possibilities

One of the great things about Merino wool is its versatility. Erase any visions of bulky, itchy wool we’ve revolutionized the wool sock industry with our softer-than-ever Merino and rarefied 200-needle-count process.

The result is a sock that is comfier, stretchier, more durable, and stays drier than any other Merino wool sock on the market. We offer it in various heights and cushion levels, allowing you to utilize this technology from the boardroom to the gym.

We even have Merino wool socks designed for your preferred sport, whether runningcyclinggolftennis, or hiking. After all, cold feet should be the last thing on your mind when it’s time to play.

Wrap your feet up in comfort and warmth this winter with Feetures! Get started with our exclusive sock finder quiz. In just a few steps, you’ll be matched with a highly engineered sock designed to fit your life and style. Treat your feet today!

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