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An Inside Look at Our Sustainable Socks

An Inside Look at Our Sustainable Socks
The word “sustainable” is a lot like the words “all-natural” and “ethically-sourced.” At best, these words are sincere differentiators that describe how a company is reducing their harmful effect on the environment and the people they serve. At worst, they’re buzzwords without any action to back them up.

Here at Feetures, when we say we’re making sustainable socks, we mean it. Every step in our sourcing and manufacturing process was developed with sustainability in mind. So, what does that process look like?

Feetures Sustainability: How it Works

  • Miracle yarn – We use Repreve, the world's leading recycled fiber, in our signature sustainable socks.
  • All in the wrapping – Feetures says “no” to poly bags, Styrofoam, and other toxic and non-degrading packing materials. Instead, we band our three-pair sock packs with recycled materials, because the socks are the only things in the package that should be durable.
  • Go away, waste! – We've adopted the principles of continuous quality improvement at our distribution centers – which is a fancy way of saying we’re always tinkering to reduce our waste and hone our sustainable supply chain practices.
  • Quality over quantity – If you’re looking to reduce your sock consumption, then Feetures has you covered. Our socks were built to last, meaning you’ll reduce your carbon footprint simply by buying less.

But Here’s the Really Cool Thing…

We don’t just make our packaging out of recycled material. We also make select socks out of recycled materials. Bottles, to be specific. Here’s how:

  1. First, we collect the bottles. The recycling plant folks know us by name at this point.
  2. Then, we squish them. Well, we chop, grind, wash, and melt them, to be exact. The end result is cool space-age plastic “chips.”
  3. Third, we turn up the heat. The chips are melted and stretched to create filaments that form fibers we can then weave together.
  4. And finally…we make yarn from the new fiber through spinning wizardry and a texturing process that transforms the feel of plastic into soft fabric.

Basically what we’re trying to say here is – we’re the ethical, science-positive, sustainable real deal.

Check out our famous sustainable sock line and order yours today to start feeling better about what you put on your feet!

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  • Diane M English

    I just ordered a pair and am eager to try them on. I have been searching for the pair that will suit my needs

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