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What is Apex?

What is Apex?

What is Apex? Quite simply it's the top. And these socks aren't a promise to get you there but a representation of the flight to the top. The back and forth with ourselves getting better every day until one day, the air is crisp and the sun is strong, and we've made it. So we take in the view, see another climb, and start again. That's Apex. The push to be better again and again. 

Our Apex Collection celebrates the spirit of athletes on their journey to, and pursuit of greatness. 


Written by

Joseph Gaither

Joe Gaither is the Chief Marketing Officer at Feetures. After graduating from UNC (go 'heels!) Joe joined the ranks alongside father/Feetures CEO Hugh Gaither and brother/Feetures COO John Gaither, developing the very best performance socks designed to support the many ways humans are meant to move. After work, you can find Joe with his dog-son, Louis, or running in his favorite Feetures men's socks–the Elite Ultra Light No Shows!

  • John M.

    Can’t wait! Love Feetures! Use them for everyday! Work, running, cycling! Greta work!

  • Andrew Oliveri

    Lover of high quality socks.

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