Adding Our Voice To The Call For Action

By Hugh R. Gaither | Founder & CEO |

Adding Our Voice To The Call For Action

To the Feetures Community,

I have wrestled, like so many other business owners and brand representatives about whether or not to speak up about the recent events that have fractured our country. However, as the CEO of Feetures, a husband, father, grandfather and perhaps most importantly as a citizen of the United States of America, I feel the need to say something and do something.  

The event that occurred last Monday, May 25th in Minneapolis, MN, was simply unfathomable and a stark reminder that racial injustice continues to plague our country. I don’t pretend to understand the depth of this problem in America, but I realize in this moment, it is important to add our voice to the conversation.  

Racism is an anti-American value that by its nature divides us instead of uniting us. We must collectively work to end systemic racism, so that all citizens are treated equally under the law. At Feetures, we want to be part of the solution.

As a first small step, Feetures will donate $10,000 to the NAACP and Black Lives Matter, whose work we believe can help make a difference.

Most importantly we will no longer remain silent in the face of racial injustice. In addition, we recommit ourselves to taking meaningful action throughout our own company working together with our employees, partners and customers to address diversity and eradicate racism.

Hugh R. Gaither
Founder & CEO

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  • wanted to buy your product. Can’t because of your support of Marxism

    Mark Medley on

  • I have unsubscribed and will no longer be a customer of Feetures. It is unfortunate as I am a HUGE fan of your socks. My family and I will no longer patronize Feetures and have also forwarded your information to CCRKBA in hopes they will be able to add you to their “Don’t Feed Them” list. Apparently, you’ve yet to figure out that most Americans are no longer interested in the politics of actors, actresses, musicians, and yes, business we patronize. As such, you have lost my business. I am also going to forward this information to 2nd Amendment social influencer I know, which are many. It is very unfortunate you could not simply sell your great products and keep your politics to yourselves. And lest you think my comments are somehow biased against people with different levels of pigmentation, they are not. In fact, I shot a Steel Challenge match yesterday and was super excited to find one my favorite people, A. Brown, a fellow shooter (black guy) was in my squad. We had a fantastic time together. So…my statements are in NO way racially biased. This is about you donating money to a racist, anti-police and oftentimes, anti-white, self- admitted Marxist organization who promotes violence. Goodbye Feetures…I am resentful that you have cause me to no longer be able to buy and use your products.

    C Smith on

  • BLM is a professed Marxist group. Do your homework before donating to certain groups.

    Robert on

  • I see that you donated money to the BLM organization and because of their stand to defund the police and the leaders are believe in a form of government that I can not support, I will no longer be buying your socks. I love them but can not support this company. I am not a racist and I do not see color but I see our country being torn apart by the radical left which BLM is funding. The goals of BLM is not to unite Americans but to tear it down and start over in a state that does not tolerate anyone that does not believe in their cause. I will look for a company that stays out of politics.

    Corrina Bright on

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