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Are Running Socks Good for Walking?

Are Running Socks Good for Walking?

If walking is your exercise of choice, pairing your shoes with the right socks is crucial. They can provide extra cushioning, help you avoid foot pain, and keep your step count climbing. Socks designed for runners certainly fit this bill, but the real answer lies in the makeup of the sock. Here are four features to look for in your next pick.

1. Fit

The fit of your sock is just as important as the fit of your shoe. In fact, the right sock can actually help your shoe fit better. A balanced, snug fit is key. Go too tight and your circulation gets cut off; too loose and extra fabric can irritate or lead to blisters. Men's and women's running socks are often engineered with fit as a high priority, making them a good place to start.

2. Material

Here’s one area where a women's or men's running sock may be the way to go. Most everyday socks are made of cotton a terrible option for robust walking. Cotton retains water, leaving your feet sweaty, uncomfortable, and prone to blisters. On the other hand, running socks (or those designed for athletic pursuits) are commonly made of synthetic fibers like Merino wool that wick moisture away. Not only is this far more comfortable, it keeps your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

3. Length

This one is all about personal preference, but it’s important to weigh your options. Low-cut or no-show socks are an ideal way to keep your feet dry and comfortable, especially during the warmer months when breathability is key. Be sure to look for no-show socks designed to grip your heel to keep them from slipping inside your shoe. On the other hand, higher crew socks may be preferable for colder weather or for extra protection when summer mosquitos come out. Test a few lengths out to see what works best for your shoes, weather, and style.

4. Compression

Compression socks like Feetures Knee High Compression provide gentle pressure that helps arteries relax and blood to flow more freely, lowering inflammation and reducing pain. While they’re often marketed toward runners, they make an excellent option during or after a walk to revamp tired legs.

Walk Further With Feetures

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