What Socks Prevent Blisters?

New runners may sometimes feel they’re doomed to a life time of blisters, calluses, and pain. After all, those initial runs are often done in ill-fitting shoes, cotton socks, and athletic apparel that isn’t designed for running. Unfortunately, the wrong pair of socks can cause blisters and quickly ruin your running experience. A good pair of anti-blister socks, on the other hand, can foster a lifelong love of running.

Cotton socks are great for many things, but running is not one of them.

Want Blister-Free Socks? Ditch the Cotton!

Cotton running socks absorb moisture, meaning all the sweat from your feet is going to be soaked up by the socks and stay there – gross! Wet socks, combined with the heat generated from exertion plus friction, are is a recipe for blisters, calluses, and sores that plague many runners! 

To prevent blisters and other foot discomforts, choose a running sock made from synthetic or natural moisture-wicking materials. These materials absorb sweat from your feet and transfer it to the outside of the sock and ultimately, the outside of the shoe where the sweat can evaporate, keeping your feet as dry as possible.

Synthetic fabrics, such as polyester blends, have moisture-wicking properties. Natural fibers like wool and bamboo also wick moisture, so they do not become more abrasive as they get wet. This helps eliminate hot spots on heels, toes, arches and ankles.

Blister-Proof Sock Comparison: Merino Wool Socks vs. Cotton Running Socks

Looking for an alternative to cotton socks? Consider merino. Yes, wool socks. You probably already know merino wool insulates when wet, keeping your feet warm in wet, cool conditions. The wicking fibers in our Merino 10 socks also keep feet dry, which means these merino socks prevent blisters better than moisture-trapping cotton. You’ve never felt a merino sock like this before.

Training for a marathon? The soft and supple feel of merino will help avoid blisters on long runs. We designed our Merino 10 socks to balance cushioning with a lightweight composition for bulk-free comfort on runs of 10 miles, 20 miles or farther. We’re runners, too, so we know.

merino socks anti blister advatages

Make the Switch – Avoid Blisters with High-Performance Running Socks

No matter what kind of running shoes you wear, blisters will happen on long runs depending on humidity and other conditions but a good pair of moisture-wicking socks will greatly reduce the chances of getting blisters. Although quality blister-preventing running socks may cost more than cheap cotton socks, they’re one of the most worthwhile running gear investments you can make.

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