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How to Dress For Cold Weather Running

How to Dress For Cold Weather Running

As an athlete, you know that the training sessions don’t stop just because the temperatures drop. Fortunately, an invigorating brisk run in the winter can provide an excellent workout for the body and an energizing break from the confines of indoors. Plus, you can enjoy some spectacular views with fewer people around to disrupt them. However, knowing what to wear running in cold weather is key to enjoying chilly miles. Keep reading to learn how to dress for cold weather running to keep your body warm and agile. 

How to Dress for Cold Weather Running from Head to Toe

When it comes to what to wear when running in winter, layering is essential. You should also choose items made with merino wool. Thanks to its unique moisture-wicking properties, merino wool helps you stay warm, dry, and sweat-free. Here’s how to dress for winter running to keep warm from your feet to your head.

1. Maximum Cushion Running Socks

One of the most essential pieces of gear for winter running is a good pair of maximum cushion running socks made with merino wool. At Feetures, our men's running socks and women's running socks are designed to keep your feet insulated, reducing heat loss that can occur due to cold weather and air. They also provide extra thickness and cushioning between your foot and shoe, helping to prevent blisters, chafing and other discomforts while providing shock absorption on hard surfaces. Your feet are the foundation of a good run, and maximum cushion running socks make all the difference in the winter.  

2. Waterproof Running Shoes

With the right pair of waterproof running shoes, your feet will stay warm and dry while you take on cold-weather running. Keep in mind that not all running shoes are equipped to handle wet and slushy days. Look for sneakers with water-resistant technology, like a Gore-Tex membrane or merino wool insoles. 

3. Long Leggings or Pants

When considering what to wear running in cold weather, some runners focus on keeping their core warm and wear shorts on their bottom half. However, how to dress for winter running depends on the temperature. If you’re running in 40-degree temperatures or below, wearing long leggings or pants will protect your legs from dangerously cold temperatures. Not only will the extra coverage help keep you warm, but it will also protect your skin from any harsh winds that come your way.

4. Long-Sleeve Base-Layer Shirt

A long-sleeve base-layer shirt is a must-have in any winter runner's wardrobe, as it helps keep your arms and core warm when temperatures take a dip. Merino wool base layers are ideal because the breathable fabric wicks away moisture and helps regulate your body temperature.

5. Lightweight Yet Warm Mid-Layer Pullover

The ideal mid-layer provides the perfect combination of warmth and “heat-dumping” properties. For example, a synthetic fleece pullover with a deep-venting front zipper can help you easily regulate body temperature, whether you need to warm up or cool down. 

6. Weather-Resistant Top-Layer Jacket

Depending on how cold of weather you’re braving on your winter run, a weather-resistant top-layer jacket can provide the final layer of protection you need. Your top layer should be durable, lightweight and waterproof, providing insulation and wind protection.

7. Slim-Fitting Gloves

What to wear when running in winter extends beyond your clothing and into cold-weather accessories. Slim-fitting gloves are essential to keeping warm during winter runs because they provide an extra layer of insulation without increasing bulk or detracting from your dexterity. Choose a pair of running gloves with reflective accents to help you to maintain visibility in low-light conditions. 

8. Merino Wool Beanie

Did you know that about 10% of your body heat escapes through your head? That’s why it’s important to wear a merino wool beanie for cold-weather runs. You’ll trap body heat while keeping your ears and neck warm and protected from cold temperatures and harsh winds.

Keep Your Feet Warm While Running with Feetures

Knowing how to dress for cold weather running can be the difference between an enjoyable run and a miserable one. Start by shopping for the best women's socks and men's socks for running from Feetures. Our running socks are designed with targeted compression and enhanced cushioning to keep your feet warm and comfortable, no matter the weather. Shop our best-selling men's socks and best-selling women's socks today to find the perfect pair for your next winter run.

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