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Introducing Trail

Introducing Trail

All Trails Led to This

There are few things that can awake the senses as sharply as a walk in the woods. The sound of leaves beneath your feet with each passing step. The smell of fresh rain still lingering on the tree branches from the night before. That feeling of your fingertips brushing the tall grass on each side of the trail. The view of the valley below as you look down from the summit of the peak you just hiked. The taste of that fresh air as you breathe it in, exhale, and then breathe it in again.

You pause; and in that moment, despite the rigors of the path behind you and the return hike that awaits, you know the journey was worth it.

A History of Innovation

For over 20 years, Feetures has been studying and engineering socks for runners and other athletes. For our product team, it’s a constant quest to create the best performance sock in the world. It’s this passion that delivered the game-changing High Performance, leading relief and recovery products like our Plantar Fasciitis sock, this year’s no-slip, no-show phenomenon the Elite Invisible, and the Feetures Elite, featuring patented Targeted Compression technology for superior comfort and fit.

And when you make the best running sock on pavement, your next move is obvious - Conquer the trail.

From the Podium to the Peak

After decades of engineering socks for running, we applied all that excellence to the trail. We looked at hiking socks that were available and thought, hikers, trail runners, and outdoor enthusiasts deserved better – better comfort, better fit, and better looking.

So we built a sock with recycled yarn that wicks away moisture, keeping the feet cool and dry. We used maximum cushion so that same comfort and protection you’ve come to expect from us is with you every step of the way. Then, we added nylon reinforcement in high wear areas for durability. Not to mention more than a dozen styles across our quarter and mini crew heights.

Trails come in different shapes and sizes. Some are loops, others are out and back. Some are steep and require switchbacks, others might be flat or rolling. Some wind through rock formations and others cut through lush forests. Either way, consider this your sign that it’s time to take on rougher terrain. See how your socks do with less traffic and more roots.

Challenge your max cushioning on paths as rugged as they are winding. Test the mettle of targeted compression in ever-changing elevations. Because Feetures Trail is taking you off road and your feet won’t even know they left the pavement.

Written by

Jesse Soloff

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