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Is Wearing Socks All Day Unhealthy? We Say No Way!

Is Wearing Socks All Day Unhealthy? We Say No Way!

If you're reading this blog post, you were probably wondering "how long can I wear my socks?" With summer coming and the band of merry sandal enthusiasts just around the corner, we wanted to take a moment to address a myth we hear a lot that all-day sock wearing is unhealthy.

Feetures family this just isn’t true. But we understand why it’s confusing! There’s a lot of misinformation out there. Many people think that wearing socks all day makes your feet smelly and sweaty and contributes to health problems like athlete’s foot. You may have heard the expression “your feet need to breathe,” for example.

But … feet don’t have lungs. And while it’s true that moist, warm environments are breeding grounds for athlete’s foot, your socks are likely not to blame!

If your sock-wearing habits look like this, then you’re in the clear:

  1. You never wear the same pair of socks for longer than 24 hours at a time. Basically, this comes down to what does “all day” mean to you. You can definitely wear your socks from the moment you get out of bed until the time your head hits the pillow, (and even after your head hits the pillow), so long as you change to a clean pair the next morning.
  2. You thoroughly wash and dry your feet when you shower or bathe. Odor, itch, and issues like athlete’s foot are caused by bacteria and fungal infections. The best way to fight these risks is soap, water, and a dry environment. If you’re washing your feet and drying them well (that means in between your toes too), then annoyances like this won’t get a foothold.
  3. Your socks are made from breathable, non-irritating material. At Feetures, all of our socks in all of our styles are made of light, breathable, high-performance material. In other words, we’re part of the sock solution.

The Benefits of Wearing Socks All Day

There are several upsides to keeping your feet snug all day in socks!

  1. Socks provide important cushion while walking. Studies have shown that socks cushion your steps and significantly reduce the natural friction that occurs when feet rub against shoes. Less friction means less chance of cuts, blisters, and other painful issues that could lead to long-term foot health problems.
  2. Socks keep your feet drier. It’s a common misconception that socks cause sweat. In fact, activity does, and no matter how you slice it, feet just have a lot of sweat glands. Socks actually keep your feet drier by absorbing some of this excess moisture.
  3. Socks can help minimize swelling in the feet. You may have seen compression socks on sale at the pharmacy (or on your uncle’s feet) and been wary to give them a try. However, compression socks are a great way to facilitate quicker and more efficient blood flow, aiding in muscle recovery and fluid buildup reduction.

Rest Assured That Your Feet Are Safe in Socks

We hope this set the rumor to rest and made you feel a little better about your sock affinity. And if you’re inspired to do a little sock shopping, check out our new offerings. With targeted compression, moisture-wicking features, high-quality knitting, and a seamless, anatomical design, Feetures is the obvious choice for ultimate comfort.  

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