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March is National Athletic Training Month

March is National Athletic Training Month

Trainers are an athlete's best friend, protecting them while also pushing them to be as successful as possible. These devoted people are celebrated all March long as part of National Athletic Training Month.

Feetures loves athletic trainers and the energy this month brings as professional athletes and everyday road warriors turn up their training mode. In honor of these dedicated people and their love of fitness, we've collected some of our favorite advice for keeping athletes healthy.

Make a Plan

While any exercise is good exercise, having a game plan in place can help you stay focused and consistent. Athletic trainers also love them to make sure you're getting a balanced approach with your workouts, targeting all muscle groups without doing too much at once. This not only keeps you motivated but protects your body from injury.

No Pain, No Gain?

This famous phrase may seem motivating at times, but it can end up doing you more harm than good. Athletic trainers stress the importance of listening to your body and not ignoring any signs it is sending that something may be wrong. Pushing through resistance is one thing, but pushing through pain could cause a bigger problem that may sideline you longer. So don't wait until an injury is serious — see an AT or physical therapist if you have any discomfort while working out.

Stay Active Year-Round

This tip is particularly helpful for runners. Maintaining level fitness year-round is an excellent way to avoid setbacks from early-season injuries since your muscles will already be primed. One easy way to make running more comfortable during the cold offseason is with the proper footwear. Feetures' Merino 10 is a distinct blend of Merino wool and Tencel fibers that insulates when wet, pulls sweat away from your feet to evaporate and naturally prevent odor, and provides a supportive cushion while helping to prevent blisters. And if running isn't your sport, stay active with our specialized socks for cyclinggolftennis, and hiking

Don't Skip the Basics

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, every trainer will tell you the same: warm up and cool down. Tempting as it may be to skip, this essential step is the foundation for any healthy athlete. Not only does it get your body physically ready to begin or stop a workout, but it can also help with your mental attitude as well. Bonus tip: Use proper technique when stretching to reduce your injury risk further!

Feetures Supports Your Athletic Journey

This month, be sure to show your appreciation for athletic trainers' essential role in healthcare. And let Feetures support your athletic journey with our exclusive sock finder quiz. In just a few steps, we'll match you with a highly engineered sock designed to fit your life and style. 

We proudly stand behind every sock we make with a lifetime guarantee that allows for a replacement at any time with no questions asked. Treat your feet today!

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