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Best Business Socks for Returning to the Office

Best Business Socks for Returning to the Office

Like it or not, a return to the office is on the horizon for many employees. For many of us, that means staring into the closet and realizing it’s time to update the wardrobe after a year or more of shuffling around in pajamas and slippers. Still, there’s one component you can’t afford to overlook: Your socks. Suppose your feet are going to be crammed into business-appropriate shoes all day. In that case, the least you can do is upgrade your comfort level with a stocked armory of quality socks. Here are the main categories you should consider for your triumphant return to the office.   

Everyday Basics

The main body of your sock stash is what you’ll wear most of the time. Your everyday socks have to do three things:

  • Stay sturdy
  • Fit your style
  • Stay in place all-day

Feetures offers lines for everyday wear, in no-show and crew lengths, that meet all three criteria while providing exceptional comfort through different levels of cushioning. Whether you like to keep things low-profile with a classic black or prefer to infuse a little color into your palette, we’ve got you covered with a variety of color options to choose from.

The Magic of Merino

If you prefer a little more luxury, you can’t go wrong with the Merino 10 lines. We created a super soft blend of Merino and TENCEL fibers that’s ultra-comfy, stretchy, and highly durable. Their superior breathability means that while you’re sweating that big presentation, your feet won’t be. With a variety of colors and heights, we’ve got the right Merino for you.

Better Blood Flow to Power Your Workflow

Have your sitting habits changed during work-from-home? With home-office setups that may include standing desks and the freedom to sit in odd positions and wander into the kitchen whenever we want, many of us have ended up sitting less than we do at the office. That’s a great thing because sitting too much has various ill effects, including impaired circulation. Although compression socks are typically associated with athletic activities, they can be a boon to office workers who get tied to their desks. Graduated compression socks from Feetures can help support good circulation and protect from the adverse effects of blood pooling in the feet and legs over time. 

Find Your Feetures Fit

At Feetures, we’re obsessed with engineering the world’s best socks, whether for intense athletics or everyday wear. We back our socks with a lifetime guarantee, and our glowing customer reviews speak for themselves. Try a pair for yourself and see why Feetures are the best socks to rock in and out of the office. 

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