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Sock & Boot Pairing Guide

Sock & Boot Pairing Guide

Rainy days, late-winter slush, warm sunshine – as spring approaches, so does a mixture of weather. The unpredictable nature of the season means boots become a wardrobe staple, so we put together a guide to help you pair them with the right socks for ultimate style and comfort.

Rain Boots

A sure sign of early spring, rain boots offer a mix of function and fashion. The socks you wear with them shouldn’t be any different. In terms of height, you want to avoid ankle or low-cut socks that may slip down your foot as you walk. For thickness, it depends on the temperature. A warm shower calls for a lightweight crew sock that will keep your feet dry without overheating. Colder rain that can turn into sleet or snow means it’s time to double up those crews or pull out thicker wool socks for insulated protection. Either way, consider bright colors that will help chase away the storm clouds!

Ankle Boots

If warmer weather has you exchanging pants for skirts, ankle boots are likely to follow. But don’t let the bare-leg look extend to your feet. It’s still important to wear socks to stay dry and comfortable, so mid-calf, ankle or no-show socks are the way to go. For a professional look, stick with neutral colors that complement your skin tone.

Hiking Boots

Rocks, hills, uneven terrain, and the occasional stream make hiking an adventure for your feet. The right pair of socks can make that adventure a fun one rather than painful. Say no to cotton socks that can absorb sweat and splashes like a sponge, leading to discomfort and possible blisters. Wool is a far smarter and durable option that provides cushion and is naturally antimicrobial. For an extra hiking-friendly choice, Feetures’ Merino 10 is a distinct blend of Merino wool and Tencel fibers that insulates when wet (keeping your feet warm when trekking through damp woods). Height is really up to you, though it’s best to go taller than the top of your boot to avoid uncomfortable rubbing on your skin. 

Tall Boots

You have a few options here depending on the occasion. For a casual, everyday look, breathable cotton crew socks can keep your feet comfortable. In those early spring mornings that still have a bite in the air, over-the-knee socks for women offer warmth while showing off some style. Socks peeking out the top of your tall boots can switch up your look and create a more eye-catching ensemble with bright colors or patterns.

Cowboy Boots

Whether you’re wearing them for functionality on a ranch or as a fashion statement at the bar, cowboy boots definitely require certain characteristics of the socks they’re paired with. First is moisture-wicking fabric. This is where Merino wool once again stands out. It pulls sweat away from your feet to evaporate and naturally prevents odor – particularly helpful as the weather warms up. Second, avoid irritating toe seams that risk blisters. Finally, carefully consider height. Traditional cowboy boots are tall, and you’ll want to match that height with your socks. Compression socks (like our Graduated Compression Light Cushion) are an excellent option for an extra circulation boost.

If your boots are looking for their perfect mate, try Feetures’ sock finder quiz! In just a few steps you’ll be matched with a highly-engineered sock designed to fit your life and style. From active to casual, Feetures proudly stands behind every sock we make. Try a pair today – our lifetime guarantee allows for a replacement at any time with no questions asked!

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