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Socks & Sandals: Stylish or Stupid?

Socks & Sandals: Stylish or Stupid?

Thank. The. Stars.

Socks and sandals are finally in.

If one good thing came out of quarantine, it’s this former fashion faux pas that’s been the butt of jokes for years. With more influencers and general fashionistas increasing their focus on comfort, pairing socks with sandals is the hottest trend in footwear for 2021. And to keep your precious tootsies comfortably sweat-free all summer, you’ll want to get on this one now.

Where It Started

While Vogue predicted this trend as early as May of 2020, it didn’t take hold in the greater fashion world until Katie Holmes was spotted rocking socks with sandals earlier this year. While it’s not for everyone, anyone with a feel for the bold or who embraces comfort can absolutely learn to love this style. The trend probably won’t stick around forever, so now is the time to get on board with casual chic.

How NOT to Pair Socks & Sandals

Traditionally, you might associate this combo with either dorky dads on the beach in their black dress socks and water shoes, or you might think of the high-school athletes who couldn’t seem to ditch the slides and socks after leaving the locker room. Those two examples are still outside of the trend, but ultimately, it’s all about comfort and confidence. And when you have world-class socks from Feetures, you’ll always be comfortable, confident, and stylish – regardless of the footwear you pair with them.

The Trendy Way to Pair Socks & Sandals

To jump on this chic trend, first decide how footwear works into your overall look. Do you prefer to stay subdued? Or do you like to make a statement with funky colors? Where will you debut the trend? Running some easygoing errands, or will you wear it to something bolder like a barbecue or (gasp) on a coffee date

To put it together, start with your favorite pair of socks. Choose a stylish, comfy crew sock, then reach for a pair of flat or platform sandals in a neutral tone like white, black, or brown. To find the softest, most stylish crew socks, look no further than Feetures for women and for men. For a super casual look on the chilly days, snag a pair of sweats or tuck a pair of leggings into your socks for the ultimate in comfort-chic.

If you want to step into this look but are hesitant to commit, never fear. Just pair the same pair of sandals with one of our breezy ankle socks for women and ankle socks for men.. Add a pair of shorts or a flowy summer dress for an understated and cool vibe. More points if you show off a pop of colorful socks, or if you match your socks with your sandals (however this trend goes down, white on white will never go out of style).

Crush the Look

If you’re ready to jump on the latest fashion trend and show your socks off to the world, don’t settle for generic, cheaply made socks. Select socks designed for comfort during activity and leisure. So before grabbing the nearest sandals, be sure your socks have:

  • Targeted compression for superior comfort and support where you need it most
  • Anatomical design that conforms to the left and right foot for a custom-like fit
  • Moisture-wicking qualities from natural and synthetic fibers to keep your feet cool and dry
  • Seamless toe design to prevent irritation and blisters
  • High-density knitting for increased comfort and durability

Whichever direction this footwear trend takes, comfort and quality never go out of style. That’s why Feetures offers specially engineered socks for men and women of all ages and activity levels. Every sock we sell is backed by a lifetime warranty, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

See what Feetures customers are raving about and try a pair for yourself! (And maybe just try them once with sandals. Up to you. Let us know how it goes.)

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