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How to Stay Stylish but Comfortable with Your Golf Socks

How to Stay Stylish but Comfortable with Your Golf Socks

A Scene on a Green

Your boss waves you over. It’s him, Tim from accounting, and a couple of folks you don’t know. You’re already sweating. The rented irons are heavy on your back, and you consider how the next few hours on the course will go.

You’re not a great golfer, but as you follow the group to the first hole and make conversation under the bright summer sun, you can’t help but smile. You won’t be joining the PGA Tour anytime soon, but you look like you’ve been golfing for years.

“I love your socks! Where did you get them?" someone asks.   

“Oh, these?” you say, wiggling your toes unconsciously inside your golf shoes. Despite the punishing temperatures, they’re bone dry and feeling great. “Online. Check out”

The Feetures Advantage When It Comes to Golf Socks  

The typical golf sock is pretty snazzy. But many on the market are designed only for fashion, and not for performance or comfort.

Here at Feetures, our Sock Scientists have figured out a way for you to have it all:

The Perfect Fit

Our Golf Max line may just be the best performance sock on planet Earth. Designed to fit your foot (yes, yours specifically), you’ll never have to worry about slippage, over-compression, bagginess, or rubbing in all the wrong places.  

Material Comfort

There is nothing worse than a wet, sticky sock. With our premium iWick technology, you won’t have to tough out your last 6 holes with sweaty feet.

Blister Banishment

Our socks are lightweight without sacrificing the cushioning needed to keep those long walks on the green comfortable and blister free.

Fashion Forward

That’s right. Our men's and women's golf socks have all the comfort and performance power of a competitive running sock and the pizzazz you’ve come to expect from a golf sock. Our Women's Golf Max NST sock stands out with a classy, 3-toned pastel design that will surely compliment your kicks. And our men’s golf socks feature bold highlighter yellow and a stand-out blue options that will peer over any golf shoe with confidence. Best of all, the cuts are modern – you don’t need to go full on Bermuda sock to get the pop of color you’re craving.

Go ahead. Be good (or terrible) at golf in style—check out our Golf socks today!

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