Top 10 Reasons to Run an International Race

By Danielle Cemprola |

Top 10 Reasons to Run an International Race

To be sure, there’s nothing like a hometown race, and it can be a blast to travel domestically to run races in different states. I’ve run in 40 states and counting so far, so I’m definitely all about exploring your home turf. With that said, there’s something particularly special about running a race in a foreign country. Here are my top ten reasons to run an international race!

  1. You can experience the wonders of international electrolyte drinks! Lucozade in Ireland is my favorite so far!
  2. There’s no better way to see a new place than on foot, and you can pretty much guarantee that you’ll hit the high points and best tourist sites along most city race courses.
  3. International events are an excellent excuse to wear the most obnoxious patriotic apparel you own – it’s a conversation starter no matter where you’re from!
  4. It’s always interesting to hear how people from other countries cheer you on, whether it’s “Well done you!” in the U.K. or “Lookin’ irie, mon!” in Jamaica. I have no idea what they were yelling in Japan, but I liked that, too. It’s a nice departure from the traditional “Way to go!”
  5. International races are a great excuse to take a vacation.
  6. Worried about putting on the vacation pounds thanks to enjoying all the delicious food while you’re away? Running a marathon will help.
  7. If you aren’t great at math, you’ll love having the race course marked in kilometers instead of miles! Who knows how far you’ve gone or how far you have left to go?
  8. The post-race finish line food is always an adventure and an interesting glimpse into how runners from other countries eat.
  9. You can see up close that runners are all the same (and have equally gross habits) no matter which country we come from or where we run our races.
  10. There’s nothing quite like crossing the finish line and taking your finisher photo in the ocean…or in front of Big Ben…or a castle!

While travel can be expensive, the experience is always worth it! Besides, those international medals look pretty cool on your medal hanger.

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