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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again, love is in the air and you’re left desperately searching for the right gift for your special someone, whether that’s your valentine, galentine, or anything in between. It doesn’t matter if they’re a homebody or a marathon runner, we’ve got you covered this year. Save them the blisters and give them the gift of comfort. Check out our carefully curated gift guide for all the special someone’s in your life.

Gift Guide for Her:

For the all around athlete who can’t stop

Elite Light Cushion No Show Tab Socks - No slippage for those high intensity moments mid workout. Shop Here.

Daily Pocket Leggings - Just because you’re in athletic clothing, doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Help them keep up with the trends by getting these fun but subtle pocket leggings. Shop Here.

For the outdoor adventurer

Merino 10 Cushion No Show Tab - The ultimate outdoors sock, naturally insulating to keep the warmth in so they can go out in any weather. Shop Here. 

HOOKED ON ONYX - Nothing is better than a good pair of sunglasses that can last through all your adventures. Shop Here.

For the homebody

Everyday Crew Teal Navy Gray Mix - These colorful socks are meant to be worn at all times, day in and day out. Treat them to a bundle so they never have to be without. Shop Here.

At Home Yoga Set - Help them feel their best even when they’re stuck at home. This fully encompassing package will allow them to get a great flow in from the comfort of their home. Shop Here.

Daily leggings - The name of the leggings says it all. These stretchy, cozy leggings will soon become a staple in their wardrobe. Shop Here.

For the one who is always on the move 

High Performance Cushion No Show Tab - Those who never stop need a sock that can keep up with them. The high performance sock makes the perfect gift for the go-getter in your life. Shop Here.

Boost XL Duffel - This bag is made for the weekend. With ample space for all their overnight needs (and a separate shoe pocket!) they will never leave the house without it! Shop Here.

Gift Guide for Him

For the all around athlete who can’t the movement 

Elite Ultra Light No Show Tab - Designed with targeted compression and anatomical design so they won’t need to worry about their socks during their movement. Shop Here.

Draft Short - Your athlete needs shorts that will move with them, you can’t go wrong with these full stretch workout shorts. Shop Here.

For the outdoor adventurer

Merino 10 Ultra Light Mini Crew - A sock that will insulate, keep dry, and outlast the day, no matter what adventure they’ve been up to. Shop Here.

BACK 9 BLACKOUT - Finally, a pair of sunglasses that can outlast all the wear and tear that an adventurer naturally goes through. Shop Here.

For the homebody 

Men’s Casual Rib Cushion Crew - It’s undeniable, a sock like this is so comfortable they’ll feel the comfort of home (even when they have to leave it). Shop Here.

Sunday Performance Jogger - These casual, cozy joggers are sure to be a hit. Wear them to hang out at home or make them their new wfh attire. Shop Here.

For the one who is always on the move -

Merino 10 Ultra Light No Show Tab - Get them a sock that is perfect for any activity and any day. Shop Here. 

Stride Cinch Bag - A perfect size bag for the gym, a quick trip, or even the office. Shop Here.

Still not sure what to get them? Check out our quiz to get your personalized recommendation for the perfect sock for your person. 

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Alexis Mendible

Alexis Mendible is the Senior Digital Marketing Specialist at Feetures. A lifelong northern Californian and proud traveler, Alexis has a vested interest in all things movement and adventure. Combined with her passion for digital marketing, Alexis offers fresh and authentic ideas to help others pursue healthy, active lifestyles. Off the clock, you can catch Alexis working out in her favorite women's socks, the Elite Ultra Light No Shows!

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