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What are Graduated Compression Socks?

What are Graduated Compression Socks?

What are Graduated Compression socks? 

Graduated Compression socks are a specially knit, knee-high sock that is tighter at the ankle and gradually gets looser up through the calf. This strategic knit helps promote blood flow and circulation in the calves. 

Compression is measured in units called mmHg (millimeters of mercury). There are varying degrees of compression ranging from low to medical grade compression. 

Benefits of Compression

Medical professionals have used compression gear for bed-ridden patients to prevent blood clots and improve circulation for decades. Compression gear has been clinically proven to help with recovery by improving oxygen flow, increasing blood flow, and improving circulation. Naturally, athletes are drawn to these benefits to hasten recovery. 

Who should wear Graduated Compression? 

Runners who struggle with tightness, cramping, or pain in their lower legs have reported real benefits using compression both during and post-workout. 

Due to the circulation benefits, compression is often recommended for long flights and travel as well as for people who are on their feet long hours. 

Feetures Knee High Compression are fully graduated, meaning they start out with a greater amount of compression at the ankle and gradually get looser up the calf. This graduation is meant to help promote blood flow back towards the heart and thus help promote faster recovery. Additionally, Feetures Compression is designed to be easier to wear than other compression available on the market. As always, all of our products are backed by our Lifetime Guarantee. 

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  • Henry Mann

    I have 3 pair of your compression socks and they are really great. Only thing is could you explain the easiest & best way to get them on and mainly off.

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