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What Do Ankle Socks Go With?

What Do Ankle Socks Go With?

Socks come in varying heights to suit the wearer’s preference and work with different footwear. While you may choose crew socks for added warmth in the winter, spring is right around the corner. This means you’ll undoubtedly be switching to ankle socks before long.

What are Ankle Socks?

Ankle socks cover your entire foot and end right under your ankle bone. They come a bit higher than no-show socks but not as high as micro crew socks. At this height, the very top of the sock is often visible above the shoe. Many people prefer ankle socks for exercising, hiking, or everyday wear, depending on the season.

Ankle Sock Fashion Dos and Don’ts

As warm weather approaches and you start wearing ankle socks again, you may be wondering what shoes and outfits they go with best. Consider these dos and don’ts of ankle socks so you never accidentally commit a fashion faux pas.

  • DO add a splash of color. When you picture ankle socks, basic black or white options probably come to mind. These may be suitable for some instances, but ankle socks are available in playful, colorful designs as well. Feel free to let some of your personality show in the socks you choose to wear.
  • DO coordinate the color with your outfit. If you opt for brightly colored ankle socks, try to match them with the rest of your clothes. For instance, if you have lime green details on your sneakers, wearing lime green socks helps your outfit look more put together.
  • DO wear ankle socks with sneakers and hiking shoes. Ankle socks were made to be worn with these kinds of shoes! For the bests results, consider a pair with tabs at the top to prevent the socks from slipping down into your shoes. The tab also eliminates uncomfortable rubbing and keeps blisters at bay.
  • DO wear ankle socks with shorts and capris. Any time your lower legs are showing, opt for ankle socks. You’ll stay cooler and avoid sideways glances.
  • DON’T wear ankle socks with sandals. There’s no bigger fashion faux pas than wearing socks with sandals. Even though ankle socks are about as low as they come, that’s no excuse to pair them with sandals.
  • DON’T wear ankle socks with dress shoes. Men, listen up. If you’re wearing dress shoes and slacks, don’t pair them with ankle socks. Opt instead for dark-colored trouser socks so no one can see the skin on your legs when you sit down. Check out our line of stylish crew socks for men to stock up on socks to wear with your favorite dress shoes. 

Features of High-Quality Ankle Socks

If you’re ready to refresh your sock drawer, don’t settle for generic, cheaply made socks. Your feet will thank you if you select products designed for comfort during activity and leisure. Here’s what to look for when shopping for ankle socks:

  • Targeted compression for superior comfort and support where you need it most
  • Anatomical design that conforms to the left and right foot for a custom-like fit
  • Moisture-wicking qualities from natural and synthetic fibers to keep your feet cool and dry
  • Seamless toe design to prevent irritation and blisters
  • High-density knitting for increased comfort and durability
Feetures offers specially engineered socks for men and women of all ages and activity levels. Whether you’re looking for the perfect men's cycling socks or women's cycling socks, or you need relief and recovery options, our products can meet your needs. Every sock we sell is backed by a lifetime warranty, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Check out our reviews, and try a pair of Feetures for yourself today

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