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What to Wear Golfing: A Guide to Golf Socks & Attire

Golf attire dates back as far as the sport itself—to 15th century Scotland. But it wasn't until the early 1900s that golf clubs started implementing dress codes. In 1918, Vanity Fair published an article discussing the well-dressed golfer and the upscale golf styles of the times. It included items like single-breasted jackets, waistcoats, golf caps, and long socks.

Golf dress codes have become more lenient since the early 20th century, but many clubs still require players to adhere to clothing rules. Every course has its dress code and standards of etiquette.

Most players don't think much about the socks they wear when golfing, but almost all golf course dress codes include a section on socks and footwear. Some simply require players to wear socks, while others state that players must pull their socks up to just below their knees.

In this guide, we’ll share the truths about what to wear golfing, and the importance of proper golf socks for all-day comfort on the course.

Standard Golf Attire

Some of the world's most historic and upscale golf clubs have stringent dress codes. However, most ask that players follow a few simple rules, such as avoiding jeans and cargo shorts. Here are the general rules most clubs follow regarding what you may wear while golfing:

Long Pants or Shorts

Most course rules state that men must wear knee-length shorts or long pants to play golf. Cargo, gym, and jean shorts or pants are generally prohibited.

Women may wear knee-length shorts, pants, or golf skirts/dresses/skorts.

Collared Shirts

Many golf courses state that men must wear collared shirts and women must wear modest tops. Many women's golf skirts and dresses include collars to suit the dress codes at various courses. T-shirts are generally prohibited for men and women.

Golf Shoes

Most courses expect players to wear golf shoes with metal or soft spikes. Running shoes, sandals, and other non-golf shoes are typically not permitted.


Nearly all golf courses require players to wear socks. Some clubs have more serious rules regarding socks, such as requiring players to wear long socks that reach just below the knee. Others state the socks must match the player's attire.

Fortunately, high-quality and stylish men's and women's golf socks are easy to find.


Hats are welcome at most golf clubs because they protect players' eyes and skin from the sun. Most only allow baseball caps and do not permit sun hats, cowboy hats, and others. The baseball cap must be clean and not appear overly worn.

We recommend that golfers understand each course's dress code before visiting to avoid rejection.

Choosing the Right Golf Socks

Many golfers don't think much about the socks they throw on before they play a round of 9 or 18 holes. However, a quality pair of golf socks can improve your look, increase comfort, and prove you take a course's rules seriously.

The Best Golf Socks With Shorts

Playing golf in hot weather means you'll probably wear shorts. Our recommendation for the best golf socks with shorts is a no-show sock like the Elite Golf Max No Show Tab from Feetures.

These no-show socks are made specifically for golfers. They protect feet from blisters, provide cushioning, and offer a nearly customized fit. They also feature targeted compression and iWick moisture-wicking fibers that keeps feet cool and dry even on the hottest summer days.

Elite Golf Max No Show Tab socks from Feetures eliminate blisters, allowing golfers to focus on the game instead of their feet. They're no-show socks that make a significant difference that others can't see.

The Best Golf Socks With Pants

Pants cover most golf socks, so you may be wondering why it matters which socks you choose. The Elite Golf Max Cushion Low Cut golf socks from Feetures provide impact protection, reduce the chance of blisters, and feature a custom-like fit due to their anatomical design.

This sock looks and feels nice with a 2-inch cuff that's just the right height for style and comfort. Similar to the Elite Golf Max No Show Tab, the Elite Golf Max Cushion Low Cut socks feature targeted compression and maximum cushioning that will make you want to play multiple rounds.

Comfort is Par for the Course with Feetures Golf Socks

Now that you know what to wear golfing, it’s time to suit up in the proper attire for club rules, and all-around comfort from cart to bunker and beyond (because let’s face it—we’ve all been there).

At Feetures, we’re proud to offer a variety of golf socks designed for ultimate comfort and protection on the course. Shop our collection of golf socks for men and women today and hit your next 18 in blister and bunching-free comfort and style.

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