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Why Feetures Socks Are Great for Biking & Hiking

Why Feetures Socks Are Great for Biking & Hiking

Those who love to fulfill their passion for outdoor activity through biking and hiking know how important it is to have a good arsenal of socks to help you take on the rigors associated with each movement. While each hobby requires socks with different constructions and characteristics, Feetures socks for cycling and hiking use those different characteristics to achieve the same goals.

Blister Prevention

When it comes to hiking, socks go a long way to improve the way your feet work within your boots. Heel slippage is a significant issue to watch out for, and it’s pretty standard when someone wears socks that are too baggy. That said, socks that are too tight increase sweat output and discomfort. Feetures uses a blend of merino wool and TENCEL fibers to create a material that conforms to the foot to keep blisters at bay.

We design our socks with tight-fitting cycling shoes in mind in terms of biking, so our ultra-light Elite sock eliminates the toe seam for comfort.

Anatomical Support

Most Feetures socks come with a left- and right-specific fit to provide unmatched, custom-like comfort for your feet. Our hiking socks focus on cushioning, offering you the best protection for long hours on your favorite trails.

With biking socks, the focus is on targeted compression that protects your arches while allowing for the best contact between your foot, shoe, and the pedal. Anatomical design also keeps socks from getting loose and baggy, as they conform properly to your feet from the get-go.  

Moisture Wicking

Your feet have the greatest concentration of sweat glands on your whole body, and we’re willing to bet you’ve smelled the results at least a few times after intense activity. With tight-fitting shoes for biking and thicker socks and boots for hiking, you’re more likely to break a sweat with these two hobbies than many others. 

Feetures incorporates heavily engineered iWick technology in biking and hiking socks for men and women to ensure your feet stay as dry as possible even in strenuous conditions. This helps prolong the life of each pair of socks while increasing your comfort and performance. Drier feet also have the benefit of being less likely to develop blisters.

Pick Your Perfect Pair

Your performance and enjoyment when hiking and biking directly tie to how you treat your feet. Feetures socks have you covered from scenic trails to city streets with our range of collections. 

Take our sock finder quiz to find your best fit, and see firsthand why Feetures socks are always a favorite!

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