Going "All In" On Feetures

Going "All In" On Feetures

Going "All In" On Feetures

My Favorite Running Socks

Matt Wilpers  - Senior Peloton Instructor 

When was the last time you purchased a product and you were so happy with it that you thought the world should know? That’s the experience I had after purchasing my first pair of Feetures High Performance socks over 2 years ago. Since that day I have replaced my entire athletic sock drawer with Feetures and never looked back. 

I have been in athletics my entire life; played soccer and ran cross country and track in high school, ran Division I cross country and track in college, raced countless road races and am now a senior instructor for Peloton. During this time, I have worn many different types of socks, mostly running socks, that ranged in price from very expensive to very cheap and even with the most expensive, I still had the following problems: 

  • Bunching and slipping in my shoes
  • Deteriorating quality after multiple washes
  • Loss of integrity on hot, sweaty days
  • Holes
  • Blisters, hot spots, and ankle rashes 

Since going all-in on Feetures, the socks I purchased over 2 years ago still wear and perform the same. Not only did I set a marathon personal record in them, but they have survived countless washes, and dogs (as dogs seem to like them as toys haha). To learn more about what makes Feetures socks so unique, I reached out to them directly and here is what I found:

  • Materials Natural and synthetic performance wicking fibers (“iWick Fibers”) to help keep your feet cool and dry
  • Fit – Zone-specific targeted compression in combination with anatomical left/right design keeps the sock fitting snug and supportive
  • Seamless Toe – No seams around the toe, which is a common cause of blisters
  • Cushion – Different levels of high-density cushion available for running socks that provides extra protection in high impact areas
  • Knitting – 200-needle high density construction
  • Mesh Construction – Provides ventilation for added breathability

Lastly, as a Georgia boy, I love that Feetures is a family owned and operated company out of North Carolina. I also love that they promise a lifetime guarantee on all their products. That said, I highly doubt that I will ever need to take them up on it!

For more information about the company, check out the following: 

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