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Why Do Feetures Socks Have a Left & Right?

Why Do Feetures Socks Have a Left & Right?

If you're not used to athletic socks, it's natural to be a little skeptical of socks designed to have a distinct right and left foot fit. Most people are used to finding a pair of socks and pulling them on without a second thought, so having to differentiate can seem strange. However, once you realize the benefits of right and left socks, it's hard to go back to the traditional tube.

The Trouble With Tube Socks

You've probably worn regular socks for most of your life. Most people only discover left and right socks when they get enthusiastic about athletics. For everyday wear, your typical matching socks are fine. But when you're using your feet more intensively, it's pretty obvious there are drawbacks.

  • Heel slippage: If you're playing a sport with a lot of lateral motion, like football or basketball, you know how annoying it is when your sock heels start twisting around your foot. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can also result in lingering blisters. 
  • Baggy toes: Regular socks are typically somewhat rounded at the end, but that doesn't mirror the anatomy of the foot, which is asymmetrical. Unless you pull up your socks to the point of discomfort, there is probably a bit of bagging at the toes that leaves you prone to blisters and makes moisture-wicking less effective.
  • Lack of support: Non-differentiated socks claiming to have support usually translates to "slightly tighter in the middle" rather than providing meaningful structure to reinforce the foot's natural shape.

How Feetures Redefines Athletic Socks

None of the above issues improve your athletic experience, and they may even contribute to your likelihood of injury. When Feetures began our research and development process, we knew that socks designed for running and other strenuous activities need to work with the asymmetric anatomy of the foot, not just a general approximation.

Our left and right asymmetrical socks deliver specifically targeted compression to the foot's arch and cushion that matches the distribution of the toes. The result is a custom-like fit unlike any other sock on the market. You'll find that your socks become an asset to your activity rather than a write-off, and your risk of blisters will drop dramatically. 

Find the Right (& Left) Socks for You

Feetures is proud to produce right and left socks engineered to the needs of athletes, with comfort and support in mind. Try a pair of our socks to see what we mean, with the peace of mind of our lifetime guarantee.  

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